Mendocino County Will Miss This Guy

Shane McCarthy, Paul’s son, announced his father’s death on Saturday: I don’t know how to best post this, and truthfully, I wish more than anything I didn’t have to. But I would rather you heard it from me. Sometime last night, my father, Paul McCarthy, Passed away. I’m in shock, and … disbelief. Part of me […]

Ricky Adams Interview (July 25, 2001)

There aren’t many people left in Mendocino County whose lives are lived with the seasons, fishing and hunting and making split stuff when the rains come, logging in the summer months, with maybe an abalone excursion or two on a mid-summer Saturday morning if the tides are right. There are even fewer people whose livings […]

As If Covid Wasn’t Bad Enough

Q-Fever. Ever hear of it? Few people had until Guy Kephart got it. And the 48-year-old Boonville native and married father of three children got it big time. “I was so sick I seriously thought about making out my will. I was sure I was finished.”  Kephart came down with a fever on April 24th.  […]

Early Black Life in the Anderson Valley

Daniel Jeans was born a slave in 1835 Missouri. After the Civil War he made his way to California and to the Anderson Valley, probably in the wake of families he’d known in Missouri when he was a slave. Mendocino County was a kind of a catchment area for Confederate Missourians before and after the […]

The Hastings School of Law, Origins of

A stern visage, the picture of 19th century rectitude, looks down on passersby from a banner at the corner of McAllister and Larkin, fin de siècle San Francisco. The banner celebrates the adjacent law school, which is named after Serranus Clinton Hastings, born in New York, law degree in Indiana, on west to Iowa where […]

Mendocino County’s Greatest Swindle

On April 2nd of 2012, the Women’s Voices talk program on KZYX devoted an hour to the 1990 unsolved car bombing of Earth First! leader, Judi Bari. Naomi Wagner and a woman called Mary Liz Thompson were the on-air guests of moderator, Val Muchowski. Wagner said her occupation was “activist” as anointed, Wagner said, by […]

John Dalton, 23 Years Later

(Ed note: After 22 years in a variety of federal prisons, John Dalton is at home in Laytonville picking up the pieces of his shattered life. His case was the worst example of egregious/outrageous government misconduct we know of. So far as we know, Dalton was held longer on marijuana-related charges than any other Mendocino […]

An Afternoon at C.V. Starr

Cutler Crowell, 71, has lived in Fort Bragg for many years where he’s raised a family and enjoys an unblemished reputation. Age has taken its inevitable toll, especially on Crowell’s back. Swimming is the only vigorous exercise left to him. He gets that necessary daily workout at the C.V. Starr Community Center, a large swimming […]

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