Seniors Set Record Time for Sinkyone (Sep. 17, 2003)

Alexander Cockburn and Bruce Anderson, legitimate recipients of mailings from the American Association of Retired People, hiked the arduously magnificent Sinkyone Wilderness Trail last weekend in record time. The sprightly seniors got from Bear Harbor at the northwest tip of Mendocino County down the rugged coast trail to Usal in 25 hours, a mere 11 […]

Lindy Peters Answers His Critics (Apr. 30, 2003)

Lindy Peters is the former mayor of Fort Bragg and a current member of the Fort Bragg City Council. A large, affable man in his mid-forties, Mr. Peters resembles the action movie star, Steven Seagal. Mr. Peters is a former college football player also familiar to many Coast residents and sports fans as “The Voice” […]

Steve Ahl vs. Ukiah (Feb. 28, 2002)

Just after noon on a slow, sunny Sunday afternoon last March, the famous Ukiah policeman, Peter Hoyle, was sitting in his patrol car at 1040 North State Street. Officer Hoyle was monitoring passing traffic with a handheld radar device.  The 1000 block of North State Street generates a lot of speeding ticket money for Ukiah. […]

Where Is Jaime Vasquez? (April 11, 2001)

Two Saturday nights ago, at about 10pm, Jaime Vasquez, 29, was taken from his car at gunpoint by four masked men. The abduction of the youthful farmworker occurred on a lonely dirt road less than a mile from the center of Boonville. There are lots of hidden places not far from the center of Boonville. […]

Mrs. Hannah Hori-Piggott of Fort Bragg

If there’s an old, old timer in the house who remembers Hannah Piggott nee Hori, we would like to know more about this most intriguing Fort Bragg woman. In broad and often confusing outline, she was Japanese married to a well known and much sought after American jockey named Harry Piggott, who raced at least […]

Judge Lechowick, Indian Killer (Dec. 13, 2000)

This Friday (December 15) expect retiring judge Vincent T. Lechowick to order the dissolution and sale of the disputed Pinoleville Tribal land as his final act as a Mendo judge. Lechowick did not run for re-election and is mercifully finito January 1st, not that we won’t be seeing him often as a “visiting judge,” the […]

Anatomy of a Blackball (March 11, 1998)

Stop me if I’m whining, but as long-time readers are aware, quite a number of local tax funded agencies and quasi-public agencies avoid placing advertising with the AVA. That’s how they get their revenge. They think. It’s almost a full-time job tracking down these mini-retaliations but when they pile up I like to deconstruct them. […]

The Stories Behind the Stories (April 21, 2004)

Monday’s story began, “A search was suspended Sunday night but is expected to resume today for Antonio Angulo, a North Coast resident who has been missing in the Lake Berryessa area since Wednesday, a spokesman for the Napa County Sheriff’s Office said Sunday night.” Antonio Angulo is a resident of Boonville. He and his wife […]

Deputy Walker Says Goodbye to Anderson Valley

By the time you read this our resident deputy, Craig Walker, is already policing the sedate streets of Moraga. Deputy Walker’s departure is a big loss for the Anderson Valley where he’d become a crucial member of our wildly diverse community.  A ten-year resident of Philo, the popular deputy sheriff had successfully filled the huge […]

Garberville (Jan. 12, 2000)

I mentioned to a friend that I’d tried to get the Mateel Community Center to rent me space to present the Who Bombed Judi Bari Road Show, now in its third month of growing audiences but mixed reviews. He laughed. “You have about as much chance of getting into the Taj Mateel as a liberal […]

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