Election Notes 2014

There was one consistent theme in Tuesday’s (Preliminary) election results: Except for the Willits City Council, not one incumbent kept his/her seat. Whether it was the Coast Hospital Board, the Ukiah City Council or the Fort Bragg City Council, incumbents were mostly tossed, although a few chose not to re-run. So we’ll have a good […]

The Midnight Rambler

The Board of Supes, on October 7th, is set to approve a contract for newly promoted “Interim” County Counsel Doug Losak. Losak had been “Acting” County Counsel since his appointment to that position on February 25 following the hasty departure of his predecessor, Tom Parker, who was obviously told to resign or be fired. The […]

Election Notes, Mendocino County

Fleeting impressions. As usual, most people lost, and, as usual, almost half those eligible to vote didn’t bother. Obama and Romney spent about six billion dollars raised from wealthy individuals and wealthy individuals organized as corporations gulling Americans at the rate of $70 a vote. Mendocino County has a new congressman exactly like the old […]

Wine Mob Mau-Mau’s Moorman

The wine people of inland Mendocino County want unimpeded access to the finite waters of the Russian River. Last week this singularly unattractive mob of outback boors pulled off a quiet riot in Judge Ann Moorman’s courtroom, their florid I Want It All Now faces massed to dare the judge to rule against them. The […]

The Judge Takes A Powder

It was Wednesday for us, doomsday for Christopher “Chris” Diaz, the 22-year-old Mendocino man wanted in Texas for possession of an half-ounce of marijuana and “bail jumping.” Diaz is facing 5-99 years in a Texas prison. The proceedings that fine sunshiny afternoon last week got off to a suspicious start when Judge Ann Moorman apparently decided she’d […]