Headwaters Forest, I Was There

Not many people have hiked into Headwaters Forest, and not many people are likely to because the trek in is a grueler. The old logging road up (yes, I said “up”) to Headwaters western perimeter is much more difficult than is suggested in the uniquely vague Bureau of Land Management’s handout. What the BLM variously […]

Should Jim Colyer Go to State Prison?

The afternoon of February 12th, a Willits man named Tom Brown placed a rusty old rifle in the corner of his son-in-law’s trailer home only a few steps from the Brown family home on Willits’ Railroad Avenue. Five local cops appeared at the door of Tom and Monica Brown’s house at 7:30pm that night. They […]

The Week that Was

Five years ago this Christmas, an elderly aunt of mine from a little town in Illinois came out to Boonville for a visit. Like lots of Americans of her generation, my aunt’s political views were shaped by the Great Depression. Her side of the family lived for days at a time “on milk and potatoes.” […]

Bully Boy Developer’s Fort Bragg Rampage

Last Thursday wasn’t the first time Dominic Affinito had physically attacked Dan Gjerde, the just-elected Fort Bragg City councilman. The blustery Fort Bragg developer laid a big lick on the slightly-built Gjerde last September at a meeting of the Fort Bragg City Council where Affinito’s one-story-too-tall North Cliff motel was the council’s primary agenda item. […]

Roederer Adopts Gallo Strategy

Roederer, Inc., as predicted, has now made it clear it will attempt to slowly strangle its vineyard workers’ union. The French-owned winery — the oldest family-owned winery in the world, and certainly among the most prosperous wineries in the world — has apparently adopted what is known in the industry as the “Gallo Strategy.” The […]

The Night of the Long Knives (July 29, 1998)

“Well,” I heard a male voice behind me say, “looks like the passive-aggressives are out in force tonight,” as we arrived at the Philo headquarters of KZYX, Mendocino County’s more or less public radio station to lobby for reinstatement of Sister Yasmin, the station’s long-time reggae DJ. KZYX has always inspired more than its share […]

Anatomy of a Blackball

Stop me if I’m whining, but as long-time readers are aware, quite a number of local tax funded agencies and quasi-public agencies avoid placing advertising with the AVA. That’s how they get their revenge. They think. It’s almost a full-time job tracking down these mini-retaliations but when they pile up I like to deconstruct them. […]

Living Close to the Land

“I was born December 3rd 1918 right down the road,” Wayne McGimpsey begins, taking a quick look out the large picture window of his central Boonville house wedged between Anderson Valley Market and Lauren’s Restaurant as if he might catch a glimpse of the old homestead south of town not more than two miles away […]

Off the Top (Sep. 10, 1997)

IF I WERE A JUROR considering the case against Bear Lincoln, I would be confused about the evidence against him as presented by prosecutor Aaron Williams’ bizarre, stream of consciousness-style cross examination. Williams jumps around so much in his questioning of witnesses that it’s often difficult to discern the chronology of the April 14th 1995 […]

Headwaters Three, the Unofficial Account

It was raining Sunday, nobody else from the AVA wanted to go, I would miss the 49er’s game on television, and I had almost no confidence in the leadership abilities of the persons organizing Headwaters Three, the rally opposing destruction of Headwaters Forest, a 60,000-acre swathe of Humboldt County now owned by a Texas magic […]

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