Living Close to the Land

“I was born December 3rd 1918 right down the road,” Wayne McGimpsey begins, taking a quick look out the large picture window of his central Boonville house wedged between Anderson Valley Market and Lauren’s Restaurant as if he might catch a glimpse of the old homestead south of town not more than two miles away […]

Off the Top (Sep. 10, 1997)

IF I WERE A JUROR considering the case against Bear Lincoln, I would be confused about the evidence against him as presented by prosecutor Aaron Williams’ bizarre, stream of consciousness-style cross examination. Williams jumps around so much in his questioning of witnesses that it’s often difficult to discern the chronology of the April 14th 1995 […]

Headwaters Three, the Unofficial Account

It was raining Sunday, nobody else from the AVA wanted to go, I would miss the 49er’s game on television, and I had almost no confidence in the leadership abilities of the persons organizing Headwaters Three, the rally opposing destruction of Headwaters Forest, a 60,000-acre swathe of Humboldt County now owned by a Texas magic […]

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