Fussin’ & Fightin’ at AV Unified

Confusion reigns at neo-turbulent AV Unified, with more confusion undoubtedly served up this Tuesday (30 May),  but served too late for this week’s paper-paper. Last week’s hurry-up meetings, plural, saw a puzzled crowd of teachers and a few parents stuff themselves into Superintendent Hutchins’ office at the Elementary School late in the afternoon to mull over a […]

The Day I Met The People’s Temple

Sharon Amos was short and sad and gray. Even when she was dressed in vivid reds and yellows she seemed to suck the life out of everything around her. If birds fell dead out of the sky, flowers suddenly wilted, small children broke inexplicably into tears, to me it would come to mean that Ms. […]

It Took Four Years But…

As soon as you get off the pavement in Mendocino County you can find yourself in another country, a kind of United Nations of dope growers that includes Bulgarians, Chinese, Mexicans, Russians, Italian and Spanish nationals, to name a few of the representatives of foreign countries arrested recently in Mendocino County. A Toyota mini-van was […]

Mendo’s Slap On The Wrist For A Dangerous Man

Sean Hammon’s mother says her son is no good, “never has been.” She says she is certain that Sean murdered his brother, Bryan Hammon, by running over him. Mom says Sean has promised to kill her, too. Bryan probably died on a Friday afternoon in August of 2016 when only the two brothers were on […]

Ordeal By Oatmeal

BETH BOSK of New Settler Interview called Tuesday. The intrepid Ms. B is interviewing the gifted defense attorney, Omar Figueroa who’s presently defending the famous Bear Lincoln who is charged with operating a large-scale marijuana grow on and around his Covelo property. Beth wanted to hear my part of the Lincoln saga that saw me […]

Vernon & Charlene, Take Two

The Mail Tribune, an Oregon newspaper, published a long story last week on Vernon and Charlene Rollins. The Rollins’ are retiring after a presumably lucratively long run as proprietors of a famous restaurant just north of Ashland called Sammy’s Cowboy Bistro. The back story… When Vernon and Charlene Rollins fled Boonville and their New Boonville […]

Redwood Classic Notes

THE 59TH ANNUAL Redwood Classic Basketball Tournament has come and gone, and I can say as a veteran of tournaments back to 1970, that the gym has never looked better, so good I thought maybe the school had hired a professional gym decorator, if there is such a thing. Nope. Superintendent Hutchins assured me that […]

The Talented Mr. Black

Check that. How about The Omni-Talented Mr. Black? Or The Mysterious Mr. Black? Or The Charismatic Mr. Black? They all apply. A tall, fit-looking man who looks like one of the good guy gun slingers at the OK Corral, Ron Black, a man of many parts, works his artist’s magic out of an unlikely studio […]

Jerry Coffman, Arky Vaughan & Joe Dimaggio

When I first met Jerry Coffman I had just bought a two-bedroom, one bath house in Boonville. The half-acre was set back off what is now called Anderson Valley Way, conferring on its two-mile length a bland, suburban anonymity which belied the road’s improbably vivid history of Indians, five distinct waves of immigrants, freed slaves, […]

Shooting In The Anderson Valley

A young Philo man was forced to shoot a knife-wielding drunk Saturday night when the man attacked his mother and another woman in a home near Hendy Woods. Details are just now becoming known, but the shooting occurred about 8pm on property owned by the Gowan family and occupied by Cathy Gowan, 26, and just […]

Oaky Joe Munson Soldiers On

Oaky Joe Munson stopped by last week. On the marijuana fame meter, Oaky is about a 9 headed for 10 where he’ll join the legends of the Northcoast business — Eddy Lepp, Pebbles ‘Pebs’ Trippet, Matt Graves, Denis Peron, and Tim Blake. “I’m 52 and I’ve been growing for 30 years,” Joe booms. “I’ve never been […]