Mendocino County Today: March 6, 2013

IN A BRIEF conversation with Supervisor Pinches on Monday, the Supervisor said the recent study confirming that predators are largely responsible for a reduction in the state’s deer herds, is consistent with his views. “For years, Fish and Game said coyotes did not kill fawns. I guess they’ve changed their minds on that one.” The […]

Tomlin Out! Turmoil Roils The Valley

A 3-2 majority of Anderson Valley school trustees, meeting in closed session a week ago, had informally stated their intention not to renew the contract of Boonville high school principal, James Tomlin. Monday night, before a large crowd in the high school cafeteria that was so large it spilled out the door, the 3-2 board […]

The Boonville-Jonestown Connection

A Thousand Lives — The Untold Story of Jonestown by Julia Scheeres isn’t what the mighty AVA would recommend as must reading, but for those of us who remain fascinated by a mass murder that got rolling in Mendocino County by way of Indianapolis, A Thousand Lives is an interesting book. Ms. Scheeres has gone […]

Presenting Madam Luke Breit

Still as crooked as a brokeback snake, Luke Breit, is again in the news. An occasional resident of Mendocino, and a former chief aide to then-assemblyman Dan Hauser, Breit was last in the news when the State of California paid a former state worker, a married woman, a large amount of money when it was […]

It’s Not 1955 Anymore

A senior female paused to look at the AVA shirts we were selling, reading out loud to herself, “Fanning the Flames of Discontent.” Then she asked, “What am I supposed to be discontented with?” A young barefoot woman asked us where she could find marijuana and a job trimming marijuana. “Isn’t this supposed to be […]

False Arrest

Juan Orr, 26, maybe of Chico, has libeled two Albion men every which way. Not only libeled them, got them arrested, thrown in jail and, briefly, charged with major felonies. It all started when Orr appeared at the Redwood Drive-In in Boonville a week ago Saturday, which would have been the afternoon of September 8th. […]

Justice In Intoxicant County

The Mendocino County Courthouse here in California’s intoxicants capitol was packed last Wednesday with low-level miscreants whose use or misuse of mind-altering substances had landed them in court. It’s striking how many casualties of the drug and alcohol wars there are in a county with a population of not quite 90,000 — if you chased […]

Susan Keegan Was Murdered

The cause of death on Susan Keegan’s death certificate has been changed from “accidental” to “homicide,” meaning that Mendocino County District Attorney David Eyster has new evidence that the popular Ukiah woman did not die in November of 2010 from an accidental fall in her bathroom as initially found by the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department. […]

Alexander Cockburn, 1941-2012

I last saw him in person a year ago in San Francisco. He looked thin and drawn but, as always, he was in good spirits. I’d been on long hikes with Cockburn where he walked me into the ground, and he’d looked thin and drawn then, too. If he was sick with something I knew […]

Mendocino County Today: July 21, 2012 (Parts 1&2)

NY POLICE COMMISSIONER Ray Kelly said gunman said he was Batman’s enemy. Aurora, Colorado Movie Theater Shooter James Holmes, 24, dropped out from neuroscience PhD at University of Colorado in June. Holmes bought a movie ticket, entered with crowd and put on ballistic gear. Set off smoke bomb then fired indiscriminately with as many as […]

You Don’t Make Me Shiver, And You Don’t Make Me Shake

This is a story about a man who is much more interesting than the hassle he’s in. First, the man. You wouldn’t guess looking at him that Tu Blujays is 63. He looks like the active Marine he still is in many ways, “A. J. Squared Away” come to life, lean with parade ground posture. […]

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