Primary Concerns

Three Mendocino County residents are deeply troubled by the treatment they received while observing post-election ballot counting at the County Clerk/Registrar’s office in Ukiah. Their experience prompted them to file a formal complaint with the California Secretary of State’s Office.

AV Couple Brings ‘Paleta’ Popsicles To Ukiah

The simple counters and stacks and stacks of frozen popsicles at La Buena Michoacana Natural Ice Cream and Fruit Bars belie the work that happens behind the scenes, when owners Liz Echeverria, her husband Luciano Mendoza and staff process the dozens of fruits, teas, vegetables, spices and other ingredients to create paletas – specifically, their […]

Keeping It Simple

Thirty-odd years ago, the Simple Living Workshop made its debut at the Redwood Empire Fairgrounds – a weekend-long event which had its origins at the Ukiah Community Center. Buddy Eller, Cathy Monroe, Neill Bell, Judy Judd, Cathy Brigham and other early founders of the UCC organized the original events at fairgrounds in Ukiah, and after […]

‘It’s Gonna Be Serpentine’

By the time this article is read, the California Primary will be history. On Wednesday, political pundits will be steering their follower’s click-throughs and eyeballs toward the dedicated soldiers digging the candidate’s protective political moats, dissecting the height and viability of their respective financial battlements and naming the Important Houses, as one by one, the […]

Pinoleville’s Pot Farm

Heads have been turning and phones have been ringing all weekend, as casual passers-by, cannabis farmers and concerned citizens attempted to discern what they were seeing on a two-acre parcel visible from US 101, just north of Ukiah.

Food Action Plan

Mendocino County has always been a food-producing region. For thousands of years, Native Peoples organized their travels and daily activities to take advantage of the availability of seasonal foods.

Cecilia Pardini To Retire

This will be the last time Mendocino County Fairgoers and entrants will see beloved staffer Cecilia Pardini — a familiar face at the front desk of the County Fair office. Pardini is retiring after 42 years working for the fair. She grew up in Long Beach and moved to Anderson Valley in 1958. “We lived […]

Squirrels & Snakes & Venom: Oh My!

Nearly everyone in Mendocino County has encountered a rattlesnake. Though bites are rare, California’s Northern Pacific Rattlesnake is worthy of healthy respect and is the subject of much misinformation. Identifying the Pacific Rattlesnake is challenging, due to extreme color variations, location and age, according to Bob Keiffer, superintendent of the University of California Agriculture and […]

The Alarming State Of Rural Internet

Rural Californians Internet needs are largely ignored by major carriers, which focus on high-density population centers, according to the Broadband Alliance of Mendocino County and Access Sonoma Broadband.

Small Scale House Building

Old-timers remember Malvina Reynolds’s satiric song, “Little Boxes.” Penned in 1962, the song heralded the coming suburban blight, where poorly constructed houses “were made of ticky-tacky and they all looked the same.” How times change. Today, scarce resources and staggering home costs have created a new definition of the “little box” – the Tiny House. […]

That’ll Be Fine

Doug Fine paid a return visit to Mendonesia last weekend promoting his latest book and lending support to some of the individuals and organizations he chronicled while living in Mendocino County, as he followed the cannabis industry from seed to patient.

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