A Hendy Woods Hobneelch

“Grab your applehead, get a new hedge, and get out of that can kicky mood! We’re having a tidrick and it’s gonna be a beemsch!” smiles Jenny Burnstad, Treasurer/Fiscal Director of the Cloud Forest Institute and co-coordinator for the upcoming Hobneelch for Hendy Woods. For Boontling newbies, a Hobneelch is the Boontling description for a […]

The Copper Of Fish Rock Road

“I got sick to death of this five years ago. We live in the state that invented what the Internet is all about — Google, Apple, Cisco. Yet here we sit,” says Jim Moorehead, chair of the Broadband Alliance of Mendocino County. The “this” that Moorehead is referring to is the frustrating lack of stable, […]

Mendo’s Broadband Conundrum

The first portion of this two-part series investigates how Mendocino County and rural America are impacted by the lack of universal broadband service. It was a busy afternoon at the Mendocino Coast Hospital. Mendocino County Broadband Alliance steering committee chair Jim Moorehead heard about Dr. Don’s bad day from Mendocino Coast Hospital administrator Ray Hino. […]

Solomon & Donahue In Mendo

Last Monday, January 9, an overflow crowd of eight-score or more gathered at Ukiah’s Saturday Afternoon Clubhouse for an appearance by Phil Donahue. The legendary television host was screening his film and lending support to Northcoast congressional candidate Norman Solomon.

Scientology Slave

Bill Churchill’s time at sea and his multi-lingual background made him a perfect candidate to mingle with the Scientologists responsible for the management of the organization — the ultra elite group which became known as the Sea Organization.

Thou Shalt Not Grow On Common Lands

A camouflaged soldier in full battle fatigues walks through a dry, wooded hillside. Oak litter crunches under his feet. He is carrying an orange garbage bag labeled “Don’t Trash California.” The soldier meticulously picks up bits and pieces of garbage interwoven into hacked manzanita branches strewn on the ground. Hundreds of society’s ubiquitous, multicolored grocery […]

Bumper Crop In Mendo

“Is that the Master?” says one friend to another, sitting in a living room somewhere in Mendonesia. “You bet,” his friend replies, as he begins breaking down a sticky bud into tiny crumbles. “It smells a little on the immature side, a little more on the Bubba Side,” remarks the first. “I like to harvest […]