Dropping In On Drop-In Donuts

Heidi and Jeremy Wall (sister and brother) have broken the eerie COVID-19 silence in downtown Fort Bragg with the lively opening of Drop In Donut, a very bright and tidy hole-in-the-wall establishment on Redwood Ave., wedged between two of Fort Bragg’s most historic houses of gaiety. That would be “bars” usually — the Welcome Inn […]

Glen Blair: Woods ‘Mystery’

It kind of comes with the deal. Even a new (logged) forest is old, older than any city or farm. Especially the old growth redwood forest, or the ruins of it that we 21st-century humans work and play in. Those vast stumps sometimes seem like the Roman ruins people lived among for centuries after they’d […]

Fort Bragg Notes (July 22, 2020)

Tabatha Miller, Fort Bragg’s City Manager for the past four years, got some unwelcome time in the local Facebook spin cycle in recent days when it was revealed that she had scheduled a job interview for the City Manager’s position in Helena, Montana. Miller said Monday she has withdrawn her application.  The reason, she said, […]

Law Enforcement, Schools Dealing with Virus Impacts

COVID-19 and the uprising of national outrage following the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis are making law enforcement nationwide take a close look at how it’s serving and protecting these days. Matt Kendall became Mendocino County’s Sheriff at the end of last year and his first six months on the job have not […]

Coast Covid Testing Obstacles

Rationing of COVID-19 test kits has plagued state and local governments’ response to the pandemic across the country and Mendocino County is no different. Especially on the tourism-dependent Mendocino Coast, where the economy is still reeling from the ongoing shutdown and the area’s one 24-bed hospital is a thin safety net against any kind of […]

Fort Bragg Police in the Spotlight

The Fort Bragg Police Department got a moment in the spotlight on Thursday, June 23 while detaining a man who was eventually returned to Sacramento County in connection with a home invasion robbery the previous weekend that had resulted in a homicide. Jason Maldonado was arrested by the Fort Bragg police at the request of […]

The Fort Behind Fort Bragg

In this moment of shifting historical identities — the Fort Bragg City Council has taken up the question of whether to change the town’s name on Monday — it might help to know what the original “Fort Bragg” actually was, leaving Braxton Bragg’s career out of it for a moment. Braxton Bragg never visited the […]

Coast Notes (June 17, 2020)

FORT… ??? America has once again discovered the “other” Fort Bragg  — the one in California that was somehow named for a Confederate general before the Civil War even started. Braxton Bragg was in fact the losingest general of the Civil War. He was also a hero of the Mexican American War, who rode, missing […]

Coast Notes (June 10, 2020)

ONGOING DEMONSTRATIONS On Tuesday, June 2, hundreds of demonstrators — peaceful, cheering, singing, chanting, mostly young, mostly female — lined Main Street in Fort Bragg, joining in nationwide “Lockdown Tuesday” protests calling for racial justice and police accountability in America. They got steady support-by-honk from passing motorists, with just a few “all lives matter”-style complainers […]

A Heck of a Month

With the nation’s major cities rocked by nearly a week of fiery protest over racism and police violence, and Sonoma County embroiled in a full-on confrontation between Sheriff Mark Essick and just about the entire political leadership of the region over COVID-19 enforcement, Mendocino County Sheriff Matt Kendall sounded pretty calm Monday morning. “It’s been […]

Coast Notes (May 27, 2020)

FOOD BANKS across the country are groaning under unprecedented demand during the COVID-19 lockdown. The Redwood Empire Food Bank in Santa Rosa, the North Coast’s hub for emergency food distribution, made an appeal last week for help in many forms. “With unemployment on the rise, hunger in our community is no longer the exception, it […]

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