‘Do You Know My Name?’

I was standing at the edge of the public park in Point Arena. The two friends I had come with were walking ahead of me, immersed in their own conversation. I had gotten my two dogs out of the truck to take a little walk before my companions and I went to the local movie […]

Do You Have A Mission?

“Do you have a mission?” He startled me with his point-blank question. I had just entered the room. As part of my work with Passage to Manhood I had come to the school this young man in Point Arena to tell stories. Not children’s stories, but ancient stories filled with mystery, dilemma, and wisdom. Stories […]

The Road Back

Although my supervisorial candidacy ended abruptly in calamity as I was struck by a near fatal hemorrhagic stroke on June 26 of 2018, as I approach the anniversary of the event I reflect back at the time I spent on the campaign trail and realize that I have no regrets as I learned more about […]