The Problem With J. Edgar

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s long time chief, J Edgar Hoover, was in a sense “family” for me. He was a presence, heavy and omniscient, like a bad uncle. In the 1920s, during the infamous “red scare” Palmer Raids, agents of his newly-formed Bureau of Investigation arrested, beat up and tried to deport my immigrant […]

Princess Margaret’s Knee

The royal razzmatazz over Will and Kate is temporarily over, which I hope gives the loving, handsome couple some breathing space before the Palace’s formidably world-class PR machine claws them back into the voracious public eye. We small “r” republicans — apparently, small in number, too — wish them all the best in their personal […]

How To Win In Wisconsin

My heroes have always been union organizers. Mom and Dad were labor organizers, as were my cousins, Bernie (printing trades), Charlie (shipbuilders) and Joe (auto workers). If we had a religion, it was One Big Union with loud, rambunctious mass meetings as its eucharist — such as we are seeing in huge numbers of drum-pounding, […]

Why I Like Guns

Although very rusty, I’m range-qualified on the M-1 rifle, .30-caliber carbine, recoil-less rocket-propelled anti-tank weapon (bazooka), .30- and .50-calibre machine guns, M-2 flamethrower, Thompson “Tommy” submachinegun (beloved of Dillinger-era movies), and the Browning M1911 automatic — which the Utah legislature is voting to elevate into a state symbol, along with the Rocky Mountain elk. For […]

How Crazy is He? The Mind Of Jared Lee Loughner

What a bunch of garbage; liberal, Democrat, conservative, Republican. It’s all there to control you! … I’m sick of it.” – from Jared Lee Loughner’s reportedly favorite movie, ‘Waking Life,’ about a man trapped in dreams How many of us are Jared Lee Loughner? The media now delightedly jump on a statistic from the Department […]

The Sissy Left: Wimps Can’t Win

When did the American left become such sissies? We are shocked, shocked! We throw up our hands in horror, cowering behind prissy words like “divisive” and “sex­ist” and “uncivil” and “inappropriate” when frothing-mad homophobic Republican smut-emailers like New York governor candidate Carl Paladino hurls verbal excrement at gays, or serial philanderer Newt Gingrich insults President […]