Life at the Fort Bragg Mill

June of 1977 there was uncertainty about the future of the mill in Fort Bragg. At that time it had been in operation for over 100 years, but only the year before, Louisiana-Pacific, which had been created, as it were, out of Georgia-Pacific’s rib as the result of federal anti-monopoly action, had shut down the […]

No Holiday at the Colony Inn

I’ll admit I was down-and-out. I was borderline Fun Bunch. But these things are subjective. One man’s pith is another’s drivel. I was in the Humboldt Squeeze: watching my job dry up quicker than the atmosphere at a poetry reading, all the usual expenses mounting. Thus imperiled, I applied for work at Arcata’s landmark of […]

Fort Bragg: My Hometown

Fort Bragg — where the streets are straight, the fish are biting and the bars stay open in all weather. When I was a mallet-headed brat, we used to drive down to the ocean and toss our garbage off a little cliff. Sewage poured forth from great pipes at the same spot, and folks acted […]