‘Perfect Storm’ Wreaks Ecosystem Havoc

A researcher has reported on the North Coast’s shocking degree of deforestation – not on land, but underwater, as 93 percent of the region’s ocean kelp forests have been decimated in a “perfect storm” of adverse conditions.  The loss of most the North Coast’s bull kelp forests was reported during a July 18 webinar lecture […]

Reggae Fest Seeks Rebound After 2018 Losses

This year’s Reggae on the River music festival will have new activities – including a Cannabis Village with vending and consumption – and is seeking to recover from the $1.6 million loss seen last year. Although some payments were made late last year, the Mateel Community Center’s first-time partnership with High Times productions resulted in […]

HumCo Supe Bohn’s ‘Dangerous’ Joke

The pressure on Humboldt County Supervisor Rex Bohn is intensifying as members of the community say he’s a racist and rally for his resignation in the wake of an offensive joke.  Controversy over Bohn’s divisive sense of humor and what’s seen as his tepid response to it peaked at the April 16 Humboldt Coumty Board […]

Major Aquaculture Project Gets Samoa Lease

Humboldt County is poised to become a hub for aquaculture, as the Harbor District has approved a lease for a Norway-based company that aims to build a fish farm on the Samoa Peninsula.  The district’s Board of Commissioners approved a 30-year lease with a subsidiary of Nordic Aquafarms on February 11, in a closed session […]

Sea Rise Planning Sparks Climate Change Debate

A Humbolt County staff report states that sea level rise is “a significant threat to every aspect of life on the North Coast” but opinions on how to react to it are divided.  Based on a “vulnerability assessment” by hydrologist Aldaron Laird, a staff report prepared for the county’s Planning Commission describes inundation risks in […]

Mateel: Reggae Fest, Not Pot Fest

Facing questions on potential changes to the Reggae on the River music festival due to new management, boardmembers of the Mateel Community Center have told county planning commissioners that the event’s focus will be on music and financial stability, not cannabis. The implications of the Mateel’s new partnership with High Times Productions, the event management […]

Humco Supe Denies ‘Secret Plan’ Allegations

Humboldt County Supervisor Estelle Fennell is calling for unity after denouncing accusations that she’s secretly supporting an alleged plan to skirt Eel River fish protection.  The uncertain fate of the Potter Valley Project (PVP) water diversion and hydroelectric facility has led to division that was on full display at the May 15 Board of Supervisors […]

Humco Official: No Room In The Jail

A majority of Humboldt County’s Board of Supervisors supports a ballot initiative to limit early prison releases but capacity issues could interfere with the initiative’s goals.  The backlash against propositions 47 and 57 and AB 109, which reclassify some non-violent felonies as misdemeanors, runs strong in the county.  Responding to it, most supervisors voted last […]

Pot Legalization Arrives

The state’s roll-out of Proposition 64 adult use marijuana legalization is in a transitional phase where local approvals are used as a basis for temporary state permitting. At this point, only two Humboldt County dispensaries – EcoCann in Eureka and The Humboldt County Collective in Myrtletown – have been issued temporary state licenses for retail […]

Humco Sheriff: Jail Assault Reflects ‘New Reality’

The attack of a corrections deputy by inmates has led Humboldt County Sheriff Billy Honsal to call attention to the impacts of the state’s public safety realignment and increasing crime and gang activity. Honsal held a press conference in a Sheriff’s Office conference room on August 11 following what was described as the assault of […]

‘Raw, Disturbing’ Child Abuse Issues Probed

Humboldt County’s Grand Jury has released an annual report that delves into child welfare issues that are “raw, disturbing and should be of concern to all members of our community.” Protecting children from abuse and responding to it were main investigative items in the report, which was released in full last week. Declaring that “the […]

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