Desperately Seeking Selby

By the age of 20 I wanted to be a novelist of dark bitter books with criminal characters trudging their sins, diseases and poisoned dreams around California’s golden landscape. The writers I idolized, and which I imitated in what would now be embarrassing rip off work that thankfully went unpublished, included Bret Easton Ellis, Charles […]

Wine of the Week: 2012 Goldeneye Pinot Noir

Backstory: Confluence Vineyard was always George H. Bush’s preferred single vineyard Pinot from Goldeneye, and the year before I worked harvest there, the last thing the interns got paid to do was handbottle and wax dip 3 Liter Mags of the stuff to ship to the family compound in Kennebunkport Maine. Planted to every clone […]

The Bubble Whisperer of Anderson Valley

A couple years back at an abundant Memorial Day Weekend party on Mendocino Ridge, I noticed winemaker Arnaud Weyrich of Roederer Estate sampling the random red wines on Anne Fashauer’s table with a Champagne flute instead of a regular wine glass.

Tasting AV Pinots, Ray Charles Style

Although I now reside in a lower portion of California that many hill muffins would immediately dismiss as “the hell hole,” my affinity for the wines of Anderson Valley is stronger than ever. I sadly won’t be attending this year’s shindig, but I reached out to a few dusty connections in the Anderson Valley wine […]

Pinot Revel Redux

You can almost hear the squeal of them flatlander Lexus tires coming down Yorkville way, headed for Saturday’s Anderson Valley Pinot Noir Festival. If last year’s event raised the bar with a sold out Grand Tasting, this year should top it with an expected attendance of 800 paid attendees. I highly recommend buying a ticket […]

The Ageability Of AV Pinot

“I wish I could be a cheerleader for this,” Jim Klein of Navarro warned me about the ageability of Anderson Valley Pinot Noir, “but things get old. Nobody wants to see 80 year olds go at it.” Although not entirely true (Google “Granny Fetish”), Navarro’s winemaker may be right about the fact that the ever […]

Gabbing About Gewürtz

The aromatic Alsatians are getting their moment in Anderson Valley’s distant winter sun this weekend at the International Alsace Varietals festival. On Saturday and Sunday there is an acidic array of off‐dry educational sessions, tastings, and winery open houses, the latter of which may be the real draw for local hill muffins. But if you […]

The Goldeneye Diaries

I can’t believe how cool the working environment has been this harvest. It seems like all of our twisted personalities are not only welcomed but encouraged to take things to a more exaggerated level. Danny is a raging bisexual tomcat by now, Rebecca and her spandex pants are keeping the entire crew motivated, José Luis […]

The Goldeneye Diaries

I went to a Boonville party after a long day of harvest. Bo, Rebecca and I didn’t even change or wash up; we just clocked out, hit Lemon’s for beer on the way, and followed each other down 128 toward town. The gathering was on Ornbaun Road at the home of the bearded guy from […]

The Goldeneye Diaries

Winemaker Zach Rasmuson unexpectedly gave us another four-day weekend. He and 43-year old assistant winemaker Bo Felton were apparently flying to a ranch in Omaha to do a vertical tasting for Warren Buffett of Goldeneye’s Ten Degrees. There wasn’t much to do yet anyway, with just a few tanks full of destemmed grapes barely starting […]

The Goldeneye Diaries

Thursday was a half-day for us temporary types at Goldeneye, and I spent the morning grape sampling the Narrows Vineyard with Danny. The fruit in these recently sulfur sprayed blocks in the deep end was variable, since this is the latest ripening site in the Duckhorn quartet. On my initiation tour of this vineyard with […]

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