Goldeneyes Don’t Give A Damn

The world is in one hell of a mess and though it might seem so, it ain’t all Covid-19. My son Paullen called the other evening to say that White House acting Covid-19 spokesperson, Jared Kushner, had personally told him that the wine grape frost fans can blow coronavirus bugs up to a mile and […]

World Water Day

Monday morning my Ocean Conservancy calendar proclaimed that today is World Water Day. A quick peek at Wikipedia reveals that WWD on March 22 every year was established by the United Nations for the purpose of using the day to “…advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resources.” Each year has a different themed focus […]

‘Machine Guns For Rent’

Amongst several other counter-culture proclivities, I have been anti-war, anti-weapons of war, anti-nuclear most of my life. In the mid- to late-1980s I started regularly going to the Nevada Nuclear Test Site to protest atomic bombs — first with Sane/Freeze, then on my own. I was arrested and dismissed several times as I tresspassed in […]

Another Loss For Blackbird

I don’t think anybody would condemn the idea of giving inner city/at risk kids a glimpse of nature and/or an introduction to a rural/agrarian lifestyle. Doing such is not the issue with the greater Philo/Anderson Valley community in their opposition to the nonprofit Pathways in Education Blackbird Farms remake of the Highland Ranch three miles […]

Stealing Sam’s Land

For many years four parcels of land drew water from springs on Sam Prather’s Indian Creek Road property. The water was piped into a tank where it was distributed to Lynn Archambault’s one acre where it was her only source of water; a two acre property that was owned for many, many years by the […]

A Visit To Blackbird Farm

The thing about Blackbird Farm and the full-color pictures painted of the beautiful children is that the moment the grossly expansive use permit is approved, the value of the land doubles, triples or quadruples and there is no obligation for the known and documented swindlers, John Hall & family who own the place, to take […]

Navarro River Watch

After reading a second Press Democrat article in a month about blue-green algae and dying dogs in the Russian River, Friday evening the Editor sent me an email asking how our river was faring. My immediate reply was flippant, “You mean the liquid chemtrails? I hear tin foil hats keep the dogs alive.” Thus needling […]

Blackbird Expansion Proposal Sent Packing

Last Thursday’s Planning Commission meeting was to rule on the Pathways In Education, aka Blackbird Farms use permit application to increase maximum occupancy from 36 to 292. The meeting elicited a surprisingly unified opposition to the increase on behalf of Anderson Valley residents and neighbors of the proposed project. In his opening remarks, Chief Planner […]

Bye Bye, Blackbird

I would like to thank the Planning Commission and those front counter people in the office who have been moved to tell me within the last couple of weeks how hard the job is when dealing with the public. Yours is a trying and often thankless task not often appreciated by the general public.

River Watch

This morning (Sunday) the Great Blue Heron that I often see on the river lofted itself from below the Shenoa bridge when I walked past. As looked down it rose from the company of a raft of 17 redheaded female Mergansers that took notice of me but did not fly off, only slowly moved upstream. […]

A River Runs Through Me

Every once in a while I decide it’s time for a fast. There is some evidence that fasting is good for one’s health as well as the mind. The first fast I did was on a vision quest let by a friend, Tu Bears — three days out in the woods alone seeking guidance. True […]

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