Dope, Money & Fire

An emergency page-out came in from the Howard Forest Dispatch center for an escaped controlled burn Thursday night at about 9:40. Though fire conditions are quite low this time of year three engines rolled to take care of the situation. Philo’s Roy Laird in 7477 led the pack. The call was reported as seven miles […]

Four Valley Residents Die in Philo Crash

A single vehicle traffic accident early Easter Sunday morning on Highway 128 in Philo claimed the lives of four young men in the prime of their life. At about 4:00 AM a red Mitsubishi sedan traveling West toward the Coast at a high rate of speed went out of control, left the road and hit […]

A Day on the Navarro

Friday, after a light breakfast of fruit, I packed my backpack, tied on a sleeping bag and headed up the River until today, Monday. Creek, actually, because once above the confluence of Anderson Creek the Navarro River becomes Rancheria Creek. and no longer has the official “river” designation. Liking to travel light, I left all […]