Beyond Deportation

When President Obama appointed Dollie Gee to the U.S. District Court in 2010, he undoubtedly didn’t expect her to mount a frontal challenge to his administration’s detention and deportation policies. But five years after her elevation as the first Chinese American woman on the federal bench, Gee ruled last summer that holding Central American women […]

The Legacy Of Spain & The Lincoln Brigade

All my life I’ve known about Spain. I grew up singing Freiheit and Viva la Quince Brigada and Los Cuatro Generales, and knew the names of some of the places in Spain where the big battles were fought. I owe a lot to my parents, and to the culture they helped create. They didn’t go […]

Thousands Of Farm Workers Can’t Make A Living

At the end of the 1970s California farm workers were the highest-paid in the U.S., with the possible exception of Hawaii’s long-unionized sugar and pineapple workers. Today their economic situation is not much different from that of their coworkers elsewhere around the country. California’s agricultural laborers are trapped in jobs that pay the minimum wage […]

What Real Immigration Reform Would Look Like

Oralia Maceda, an immigrant mother from Oaxaca, asked the obvious last weekend in Fresno. At a meeting, talking about the Senate immigration reform bill, she wanted to know why Senators would spend almost $50 billion on more border walls, yet show no interest in why people leave home to cross them. This Congressional blindness will […]

Making A Life, But Not A Living

Oxnard — Lucrecia Camacho comes from Oaxaca, and speaks Mixteco, one of the indigenous languages and cultures of Mexico that were hundreds of years old before the arrival of the Spaniards. Today she lives in Oxnard, California. Because of her age and bad health, she no longer works as a farm worker, but she spent […]

Immigrant Raids On The Rise

While the criminalization of undocumented people in Arizona continues to draw headlines, the actual punish­ment of workers because of their immigration status has become an increasingly bitter fact of life across the country. The number of workplace raids carried out by the Obama administration is staggering. Tens, maybe even hundreds of thousands of workers have […]

We Need A Better Alternative

Senators Charles Schumer and Lindsey Graham announced Thursday their plan for immigration reform. Unfortunately, it is a retread, recycling the same bad ideas that led to the defeat of reform efforts over the last five years. In some ways, their proposal is even worse.

Immigrants Shouldn’t Be Made High Tech Servants

When Kim Singh left India to become a contract worker in Silicon Valley, he thought he would find a good job in the electronics industry. Instead, he found a high-tech sweatshop. Singh worked for three different companies. Each got him an H1-B immigration visa, allowing him to work in the US as a software engineer. […]

America’s Most Union Town

Anyone who remembers the big casino strike on the Las Vegas strip in 1984 can’t have many doubts about the willingness of workers in the US’s fastest growing city to weather prolonged and bitter conflict. On picketlines reminiscent of the Wobblies, the west’s original hard-nosed unionists, members of the Hotel and Restaurant Union Local 226 […]