Jim Jones’s most ardent supporter in San Francisco press circles was Steve Gavin, the San Francisco Chronicle’s city editor. A Baltimore native, he joined the Chronicle in 1969. Life in San Francisco agreed with Gavin, a gay man in his 30s who loved theater, baseball, and a well-mixed Manhattan. The socially aware newspaperman was delighted […]

Slouching Toward San Francisco

Jim Jones was raised by a mother whose dreams were too big for the Indiana farm town where they lived. “Don’t be nothing like your dad,” Lynetta Jones drummed into her boy, while big Jim rocked forlornly in his armchair, his lungs so badly scarred by mustard gas in the First World War that he […]

Inside Man — From Redwood Valley to San Francisco

David Reuben — a short, scrappy investigator with the kind of commanding beak that looked like he enjoyed sticking it in people’s business — leaned back in his chair in the San Francisco District Attorney’s office, nursing a cup of jailhouse java. Reuben listened with growing intensity as a middle-aged couple named Al and Jeannie […]