Albatross Stew (February 4, 2004)

I was out of luck this time. I was one of the special residents chosen for the Albatross Stew. We were a select group of old timers given this wonderful opportunity. Luckily they didn’t tell us until about 10pm so I had only two hours to ponder my fate. The concept was this: Women did […]

Letter to a Wife-Beater

Break the cycle—Does anyone wonder how I became some sort of authority on the behavior patterns of the gutless wonders to smack women around when they get a tank on? What if I were a little rotund bespectacled professor of behavioral sciences at UC Berkeley and I had recently published an academically acclaimed study on […]

Remembering Pat Grim

On August 9, 1994, Patricia Ruth Bernard Grim jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge. Doesn’t that bother you? What a strange word that is… bother. But still I can’t think of another word to describe the feeling. It doesn’t annoy me. It doesn’t freak me out. It disturbs me slightly. It kind of comes and […]

Sulphur Springs, Utah

Sulphur Springs lies along the old Spanish Trail. In 1840 a Ute Indian Chief and a one legged cowboy stole 3,000 head of Spain’s finest horses from the missions in Los Angeles. They drove this herd back to Utah losing a third of them along the trail in the rugged mountains called the Home Range […]

March on Washington

1963. August 1st, San Francisco North Beach. I met up with a guy named Sky King. He wore all black and a long cape with a stiff Victorian collar. His hair was black, curling down and resting on his collar. His face was coffeehouse pale. He had a girlfriend, a chubby girl, flat faced and […]

Crimes of Passion

I was once married to a man named Oscar Johnson. Sometime in the early 60s we took a bus to Reno carrying a packed lunch including ten bags of Mexican yellow heroin and a bottle of black draught laxative. That trip to Reno would have happened in the month of May. I know that because […]

The Mad King Crank

Once upon a time, in the richest kingdom on earth there was born, a girl child. Even though she was given everything an earthly child could want, good food in abundance, whatever clothing, shoes or boots she desired, an education and a nice home , she was still unhappy. She believed her life to be […]

Columbine: Revenge of the Brains

From the very first day this story has read like a movie in progress. The opening images of two boys in black, two gothic young men with thin faces, black raincoats and high-powered rifles suddenly burst into the crowded steamy lunch room of a goliath urban mid-American school. They have a list. But before they […]

Hooked on Horses

This story is about race horses. That means each horse has two names. I tried to use just one name per horse to keep it simple. I figured the registered name would be best but it won’t work because the registered racing name is invariably long and cumbersome. No one can or does call horses […]


1968 Zen was in. I tried without success to master ‘living in the now.’ 1998 Now, of course, it is simple. Living in the now obviously was a concept conceived by old men. I am 56. I live in the now… in the dark shadow of the immense labyrinth of the past… crammed up tight […]