Valley Expressionists Impress the Rest of Us!

The Anderson Valley Solar-Powered Grange presented the 29th Annual Variety Show last weekend, March 6th & 7th.  Despite the concerns of covid-19, each night the house looked full and Saturday, there were quite a few people standing.  Many of our elderly valley folks stayed home this year and we missed you, but we also understand […]

Devastating Destruction in Downtown Boonville

I can still feel the smoke in my nose and lungs this morning as I write this sad story. A devastating fire destroyed several old buildings in downtown Boonville on Thursday, December 5, 2019. The fire appears to have started in one of the residences located next door to the Lizzby’s restaurant. Unfortunately, these residential […]

Variety the Valley Way

Some people are naturals on stage.  Others have to practice.  And for some… it doesn’t matter how hard you try, you just can’t put yourself out there in front of a crowd.  But that’s okay, because there are plenty of other people eager to jump up and have their five minutes of glory.  It’s an […]

Drones Are Not Toys

I recently had the joy of shooting video with a drone. I haven’t purchased one yet, especially with all the continued commotion going on around them. Take just yesterday, when a friend asked if I knew anyone with a drone who might have cause to be flying over her property and looking in her windows! […]