Fair Board Meets in Boonville

I wound up at the Fair Board Meeting the other night. It was a big surprise – the results of the Fair Board meeting.  In years before I remember folks in the hippie community plotting about who they’d appoint to the Fair Board. You had to be registered as part of the Fair Association for […]

Jim Murphy’s Mountain (Exit Inter) View

Jeff Hillier sat in Cove Coffee at Arena Cove Pier when in walked Jim Murphy of Mountain View Ranch. A fixture at the coffee shop since 1989, Murphy’s an old logger. Jim offered to buy our coffee, as he told us about recent developments in his life with wife, Cathy, a retired postal clerk who […]

Point Arena City Council Election 

Since becoming top-heavy administratively, with both a City Manager AND a City Clerk, Jane Jarlsberg is the current office staff individual for the City of Point Arena. Jane is running for Point Arena City Council this November. While being a well-intended individual who wants good things for the City of Point Arena, she lacks level-headed […]

AV Goat Fest & Wildflower Show

Jim Devine is the organizer of the second annual Anderson Valley Goat Festival which will return to Boonville on April 23rd at the Mendocino County Fairgrounds. The Wildflower Show, hosted by Robin Harper, shares the event. Gates open at 10 a.m. Leave your dogs at home, grab the kids, and join the fun. With goats […]

Pint Arena’s Political Shittle

News traveled fast in Point Arena about two weeks ago, when finally, down where City Councilwoman Heatherstone-Szantos lives on her property which straddles Point Arena Creek, she received a 14-day move-out notice from authorities yet unknown. Why? She does not live in a legally habitable structure within the City limits; also a requirement of her […]

A Lady Always Knows When To Leave

When my daughter was nine days shy of her 13th birthday, she succumbed to pediatric cancer. We had some inkling since birth that she could be a short timer. When her brain tumor harvested itself at age six, it clarified many questions, medically. After that, we lived each day with no promise of tomorrow. I […]

A Horse Walks Into A Bar…

Garberville’s Blue Room Bar has a sign on their front door reading, “No Patchouli”. The ‘necky’ older crowd of loggers, cowboys and country folk seem to find peaceful solace together inside the Blue Room in those afternoon cocktail hours when the sun is low in the sky. As bad as it gets with the transient […]

Walk the Plank, Mr. Juntz!

The City of Point Arena is currently trying, through their new City attorney and Council, to wrest ownership of the old Coast Guard Boat House from the current owner of 28 years, Blake Juntz, former partner in Ocean Fresh Fish Company. Blake and his brother, Bob, began buying fish at Arena Pier in 1987. Blake […]

High Anxiety

The Gualala Community Center hosts Pay-N-Take, a second-hand store open on the first Saturday morning of every month, for almost everything recyclable, from fine china to table saws. I volunteered there for 14 years in the electronics and furniture department. When my little dachshund, Rosebud, was five years old, I took her to work with […]

Pint Arena’s New City Manager

Last week I visited Point Arena City Hall because the new City Manager and secretary weren’t answering their phones. I asked for a few chapters out of the City’s Muni-Code, and had a few more questions about the City’s dormant (what used to be called) Low-Income Housing Build-out Component. (It appears most of the low-income component has […]

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