Road Trip Time Again

I smoke marijuana (medical), drink Russian vodka (political, Go Vlad!) and take two pills from Big Pharma every morning to address my lifelong hypertension. When I was enlisting in the National Guard at 17 they took my blood pressure and told me to lie down and when they took it again it was still an […]

My Moving Violation: A Road Trip

It’s peaceful and quiet here in Big Valley in NE CA. It’s more peaceful and quiet than Anderson Valley. The nearest vineyard is far away and there are many mountains in between. Even so we feel occasional need to flee to the chaos of what we refer to as “the outside world” where “flatlanders” live. […]

Letter To Japan

Dear Hiroshi, I’ll see you soon in Kochi on Shi­koku, southern Japanese main island; most beautiful, least populated, mostly agrarian, putatively “lightly” bombed during WW II. Shikoku, the birthplace of revered 9th Century Shingon Buddhist monk Kobo Dai­shi whose 88 holy temples circumscribe the coast of the sacred island, whose religion makes far more sense […]

Down To Downieville

We’re fortunate to live here in a place called Big Valley in the northeast corner of California on the Lassen/Modoc County line that has so far managed to avoid overpopulation and overdevelopment and the resultant hyper lifestyle that gives sad valid relevance to the contemporary epithet Californicated.

The Head Ride III

This one’s going to be a real head ride. It’s a ride in my head going on right now. No need for a boring tire pressure check or filling up at the local fossil fuel station. It’s passing five pm and the drinking lamp is lit. We’re gassed up, we’re high on life, and we’re […]

Favorite Ride: The Head Ride

It’s May 1, Sunday, May Day I think it’s called, the next Sunday if it comes in these tendentious times is May 8 Mother’s Day, but since my mother has long since gone to her early reward she didn’t deserve it’s this Sunday the first of May that is the subject of our current focus. […]

Four Seasons In Hell (With apologies to Rimbaud)

There are many real estate nightmares in the naked city. This is only one of them. — Ralph Wein­stein * * * Malibu, California — Call her Joni. She’s 75. She’s my father’s widow, his second wife, as good a woman as my mother was, and that says a lot about her, and how lucky […]


Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Another city, another time. You’re here in this once authentic Mexican fishing village ruined by gringo tourism and the human carrion birds who run the real estate industry because your brother bought a stay in a sea view villa raffled to benefit a motor home dealer, an individual who would have been […]