Jobless In Wonderland

Finding a job is hard enough for the many millions of unemployed American workers. But, believe it or not, the fact that they are jobless keeps many employers from hiring them. That’s right, being jobless keeps many workers from being hired for many of the jobs that are available. It’s crazy, sure. But once they’re […]

Mucho Car

It’s gone forever, my beloved Triumph Spitfire, that classic, marvelous looking British sports car that never ran anywhere near as well as it looked. Pearl white it was, with black trim. Pretty. But noisy, roaring sports-car-like down streets and highways to disturb my neighbors and who knows how many others. For more than 30 years […]

Caring For The Elderly

It’s one of the toughest yet most vital jobs of all — caring for the millions of elderly Americans who, though infirm, remain in their homes. There are an estimated 1.7 million of the Home Health Care workers across the US to assist the elderly, but that’s far from enough workers. There’s already a shortage […]

Labor Day Heroes

Let’s pause for a moment this Labor Day to recognize some of our most important, yet most maligned workers. They’re teachers and librarians, police officers and firefighters. They’re bus drivers, doctors and nurses. Judges and lawyers, landscape gardeners and arborists. They’re laborers and other maintenance and construction workers. They are, of course, public employees. There […]

Mooney & Billings: Framed!

It was an unusually hot July day in San Francisco. There was a parade on that day in 1916 — a “Prepared­ness Day” parade organized by local Republican businessmen. It was intended to drum up support for U.S. entry into World War I and embarrass Democratic President Woodrow Wilson, who was running for re-election on […]

Celebrating The 4th With The Enemy

The Fourth of July, as we all know, is Independence Day. Hurray for George Washington and the revolution­aries, down with King George and the British. That sort of thing. But have you ever wondered what it’s like on the other side? Have you ever celebrated the Fourth across the border in Canada, in that territory […]

Labor’s Small Business Friends

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other outspo­ken foes of organized labor like to claim that small busi­ness owners are as anti-union as the notoriously anti-union Chamber and its big business members. But don’t you believe it. Unfortunately, plenty of people do believe it. They accept the conventional wisdom that employers, large or small, don’t […]

The Invaluable Legacy Of Willard Wirtz

Never has there been a greater champion of US workers than former Secretary of Labor Willard Wirtz, who died on April 24 at 98. Certainly in more than a half-century of covering labor, I’ve never met anyone more dedicated — or more effective — in winning and preserving vital protections for working people. That was […]

Obits For Sale

Like most daily newspapers these days, the San Francisco Chronicle is hustling to increase declining profit margins. But let me offer some advice to my former employer: Quit gouging grieving readers as part of your profit chasing. I mean those who pay the Chronicle for running their loved ones’ death notices on the paper’s obituary […]

‘We Need Jobs! Now!’

Of all the ideas out there on how to pull us out of the economic mess we’re in, none makes more sense than the program laid out by the AFL-CIO and a coalition of civil rights groups and other organizations. The program stresses government-funded steps to create jobs, while meanwhile providing expanded financial relief to […]

A Czech Miracle

It’s a time of celebration in Prague this month. A time to mark the November day 20 years ago when the “Velvet Revolution” erupted. A time to mark the beginning of the end of the Soviet rule that had crushed democratic reform movements in Czechoslovakia and its eastern and central European neighbors. For two decades, […]