Reggae On The River 2015

The Mateel Community Center’s 31st Annual Reggae on the River is happening right now at French’s Camp in Southern Humboldt. It started last Thursday and runs through today. Meanwhile, there are active wildfires in Humboldt County, namely the Humboldt Lighting Complex fires in SoHum. According to a KMUD News Facebook page update from this morning, […]

Mendocino Gets Its Own Seed-Swapping Club

Yesterday, Emerald Grown, a cannabis farmer-owned marketing co-op, hosted a cannabis-seed exchange in Mendo at the Laytonville Grange. The exchange served to facilitate the beginning of a Mendocino Cannabis Seed Library, of sorts. A seed-exchange is as straightforward as it sounds — farmers exchange seeds. And here’s the general idea behind a seed library from […]

Should Pot Farmers Get The Water?

We are deep into 2014 and the drought ain’t about to quit. Already, we’ve had some barn-burners this summer — you can fry a bass on the side of Ukiah most days. Reservoirs are low, creeks are dry. The South Fork Eel is looking thin and sickly, like a piece of dark dental floss with […]

Getting Water Wise in HumCo

Last summer, we saw some dramatic incidents of water theft in Weott and Bridgeville and some ugly busts featuring unsavory water use practices. Granted, the water thefts may have had nothing to do with marijuana cultivation, but community members did have their suspicions. The shoddy water diversions highlighted in busts, the poisoned fisher found at a cultivation site and the […]

Holy Shit! I’m A Hash Judge

It’s true. I am on the front lines of marijuana as a con­centrates judge for the 2013 Emerald Cup. That’s right, I am taking one for team LostCoastOutpost (LoCO). Actually, if we’re talking in terms of hits, I’m not just taking one for team LoCO. I’m taking many. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the hash-zone. […]

Pot Hero

It seemed the whole NorCal pot activist community had gathered — not to mention patients, musicians, families and community members. The group smoked, danced and sweated in the July Upper Lake heat to live reggae acts and some weed-loving Mendo hip hop as well. Donations for the Eddy Lepp cause were collected, and a rainbow […]