Pinoleville – End Of An Era

The late Jim Winner, was the man who made a fortune as the inventor of The Club (auto-theft prevention device.) He settled a claim from another alleged inventor for a reported $10.5 million but that just goes to show how much money was in that thing. He passed away in 2010 when his SUV crossed the center line and collided head-on with a vehicle containing two other very old men.

Pinoleville, Part II

Back in the early 2000s, I was a party to a couple of short-lived and ill-conceived lawsuits brought by Leona Williams’ Pinoleville Tribal Council. Both of these were related to my election to the Interim Council by the General Membership after a vote of no-confidence in the Williams Council. The first of these suits was […]

Coyote Valley

Many years ago, my great-grandparents, Arthur and Elsie Allen, were given a lot on old Coyote Valley. They cleared it and planted grapes. The pace at which the land was cleared upset the local agent of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. It seems unlikely that they ever planned to make a life on the parcel. […]

Pinoleville, Part 1

My maternal Great-Grandparents, Arthur and Elsie Allen lived at the top of the hill on the southeast point of Pinoleville Rancheria for many decades. I am told that the house was originally a one-room affair somewhere lower and to the west before it was lifted and moved up the hill. By the mid-1970s, they had […]

Rez Notes: Manchester-Point Arena

My step-grandfather, Lawrence Pike, was a Pomo from the Coast of Mendocino County. We used to call them “Coast Injuns,” although I suppose that is too insensitive for times like these. I recall a trip to visit his sister at the reservation in Manchester. We had slept in the car the previous night. L.P. just […]

Round Valley

I have never spent the night in Covelo. The primary reasons that I have visited are rodeos, funerals and to clean or visit graves. My grandfather Elbert Perry ‘John’ Crabtree was from Round Valley. He was a lifelong cowboy and poured concrete septic forms on Thomas Lane in Ukiah for the first few years of […]