What the Fox Says

I have acquired a friend here in the rehab, a rareish example of the type of person you’d be lucky to encounter anywhere, much less in this sort of fucktard-intensive environment. Not to slag my fellow attendees — they’re a capital bunch, in the main, if a little rough around the edges, top, bottom, middle, […]

Solving Drugs

If a behavioral phenomenon that is demonstrably and seriously harmful to society becomes a pattern, we (the societal we) pass a law against it, which is our way of saying: Don’t do this thing or we will impose upon you any of number of unpleasant penalties, up to and including death, but usually more in the […]

A Rub and a Tug

Friend and colleague Tommy Wayne Kramer commented recently on the baffling proliferation of Asian massageries in Ukiah, something I myself have mused over and discussed in my, respectively, reflective and sociable moments. On first debussing from the big house after a seven-year absence and taking their measure, I thought wow, the economy really must be […]

I Hear You Knocking, But…

The problem with opportunities is that, in the moment, they are not always recognizable as such. Often they are just things that happen, mundane, forgettable things, and only in retrospect do they acquire the character of missed chance. By then the door has slammed shut and the sign on it says, “Sorry we missed you! Be […]

The King of Lake County

I have now completed my first month back in rehab, and my body is still pointedly reminding me how it feels bout the regimen of meth and junk food I imposed on it last December and January. I believe I should’ve healed by now and it’s only showing off its ability to inflict pain, and […]

The Tale of the Sacrificial Ford

There is nothing quite like a good nap, especially when one is getting on in years and the normal nighttime sleep cycle starts getting interrupted by certain hydrological imperatives, the accumulated stressors of middle age, existential despair, and streaming video. A nap, though — a nap can put things as near to right as possible, […]

Truth Comes Out

One of the things I love about writing, and being a writer, is the ability and opportunity I have of shaping and solidifying my persona via the written word. Certain fundamental limitations in my personal disposition and development prevent me being the sort of bloke I actually am unless well-lubricated with the kind of personality-enhancers […]

Incorrigible: A Memoir by Dannie Martin

When I left prison, back in early May of this year, I never looked back. Literally, not turning around to give that misbegotten hellhole one more second of my attention, and figuratively, casting the memories from my consciousness and striving to make the very concept an unrelatable abstraction with which I am passing familiar but […]

Today, Chipotle, Tomorrow…

After years of sticking it to the man, prominently upthrusting my middle finger in the general direction of the man, breaking the man’s balls for the sheer momentary enjoyment of it, and just generally and noisily expressing contempt and making life difficult for the man, I am now — you guessed it — the man. […]

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