The Tale of the Sacrificial Ford

There is nothing quite like a good nap, especially when one is getting on in years and the normal nighttime sleep cycle starts getting interrupted by certain hydrological imperatives, the accumulated stressors of middle age, existential despair, and streaming video. A nap, though — a nap can put things as near to right as possible, […]

Truth Comes Out

One of the things I love about writing, and being a writer, is the ability and opportunity I have of shaping and solidifying my persona via the written word. Certain fundamental limitations in my personal disposition and development prevent me being the sort of bloke I actually am unless well-lubricated with the kind of personality-enhancers […]

Incorrigible: A Memoir by Dannie Martin

When I left prison, back in early May of this year, I never looked back. Literally, not turning around to give that misbegotten hellhole one more second of my attention, and figuratively, casting the memories from my consciousness and striving to make the very concept an unrelatable abstraction with which I am passing familiar but […]

Today, Chipotle, Tomorrow…

After years of sticking it to the man, prominently upthrusting my middle finger in the general direction of the man, breaking the man’s balls for the sheer momentary enjoyment of it, and just generally and noisily expressing contempt and making life difficult for the man, I am now — you guessed it — the man. […]

Sittin’ In Luxury’s Lap

Luxury is a relative concept and any particular person’s idea of it is directly associated with his or her personal circumstances, regardless of the common images we may share when hearing the word of limos and helicopters and Cristal and supermodels and everything all gold and white. Giant beds, Italian supercars, sprawling estates, ornate fountainry, […]

On Rejoining Society

First, I would like to state for the record that my intent in recounting the following tale is not to brag, or preen, or pump myself up and toot my personal horn with the air I used in doing so, because I firmly believe that a reasonable expectation of honesty and integrity is our right […]

Meeting of the Minds

“Bring a large piece of uncooked meat with you when you come,” said the gruff voice on the phone. I thought it a rather odd and nonspecific request for a luncheon date but acceded, thinking perhaps it was to be some kind of open-fire male-bonding paleo ritual. I picked up a joint of mutton at […]


“Nature abhors a vacuum,” said someone once upon a time, and I’m inclined to think that it was someone with a cat named Nature. After cranking up the Electrolux one morning and watching Nature frantically bouncing off the walls trying to escape the swelling, roaring beast, a housewife said to her scientist husband when he […]

Cops & Burritos

So I’m doing a little online shopping the other day, as I will during slack periods of my day—and let me tell you, I am just as pleased as plum pudding that the process has been rendered so simple, accessible, and comprehensive during my extended sabbatical (way to go, geek faction — keep up the […]

Fire & Burritos

I know what you’re all thinking: How’s ol’ Flynn doing? Oh, I know you’ve all got your own fish to fry, particularly in this parlous, combustible summer, and with the very flames licking at your doorsteps many of you are (appropriately) concerned with nothing more than keeping your selves and stuff unburnt. Some have already […]

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