Love Rears Its Baffling Head

I was recently afflicted with a real humdinger of a sore throat while concurrently and intimately involved with someone who’d had close contact with someone who had tested positive for Covid-19. Finally, I thought. It’s out of my hands. No more torment over my lapses and failures, no more fretting for the future and what may or may not […]

Community & Killer Cats

(Before we get rolling here, I’m going to ask that you imagine, before reading the first line of this little time-waster, it coming from the mouth of Dr. Nick Riviera. If you don’t know who that is, YouTube the name and you will find montages of the man saying the line over and over. If […]

If You Really Loved Me, You’d Die For Me

Love, it has been said, is a many-splendored thing. By Andy Williams and Han Suyin, anyway, who, respectively, sang the song and wrote the book that became the 1955 feature film.  How exactly you splendor something confused me, being unaware of any other instances of the word being employed as a verb. I consulted a […]

Laugh, Damn You, Laugh

Incognito as a gay though/ but not actually that way a/ pseudo homo phony. Not the usual stirring, elevating, meaningful, pithy nuggets you see italicized and spattered about the pages of this rag, is it? No, this fairly sophisticated, albeit crude, little gem of punny poetry, whose art derives from the strict homophony of “homo […]

Logan’s Run for President

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned what follows here in this space before, and I hate to repeat myself, but it has particular relevance now. I’d hate to be one of those people who repeats a story over and over to the same audience; on the rare occasions I do I feel acute embarrassment and worry […]

It’s Not All Bad

The essence, I am going to go ahead and assert right now as if I were some kind of authority, of journalism is topicality and immediacy. That’s why most journalistic writing is so flat and boring. The idea is to encapsulate whatever the hell is going on into an easily digestible, clear, concise pill whose […]

A Rogue Fungus

In the latter years of the Reagan administration, when even sophisticated urbanites were terrified of the AIDS virus and shunned those afflicted (never mind rural blue-collar backwaters whose tolerance levels still run about 20 years behind city folk; shunning was rarely enough for them, preferring more dramatic and biblical means of expressing their distaste, like […]

Harm Reduction

If there is one thing that sticks in the collective conservative craw (and I assure you there are many and various such indigestibles on their menu; one imagines a fussy two-year-old scowling stubbornly, arms folded, as the plane loaded with liberal ideas circles fruitlessly outside the hangar), it’s the phrase harm reduction. Absurd, you say. […]

Mr. Rat: Rats & A Boy Who Loved One

I have rats, which I suppose is another way of saying that I have a place for rats to be, a fact for which I am surpassingly grateful. Once you’ve experienced even a casual acquaintanceship with the condition of houselessness your perspective shifts and all the granted-taking-for of a roof and four walls, presuming you […]

Here We G(r)o(w) Again, Part II

Well, a promise is a promise, and I suppose that being clean and reforming myself includes doing my best to keep them, and thus—the timeline.  Day Two- I mentioned in my last transmission about the drug not working any more and that was true, but immediately following that my mind and body reset itself, effectively […]

Coach Cavender’s Retirement

In a follow-up to last week’s canine report, Coach Cavender, whose relationship with his beloved Yorkie Gig should and does concern his wife about her own place in his affections (I would not care to speculate about the outcome of a Sophie’s Choice involving the two) was just as pleased and proud as a new […]

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