The $379 Million Valley Trails Project

For years the Valley Trail Initiative group has promoted the idea of a bike trail for Anderson Valley. Their efforts indeed received a major boost when Caltrans provided a $135,000 grant to conduct a “feasibility study.” Last November the Mendocino Council of Governments and (Portland-based) Alta Planning and Design (the Oakland office) which specializes in […]

A Good Day For Coastal Mendocino

For everyone who attended the dedication ceremony on the Stornetta Lands just north of Point Arena, it is ‘a dream come true.’ The California Coastal National Monument had indeed come ashore. Until that day, March 11, 2014, the monument comprised more than 20,000 “small islands, rocks, exposed reefs, and pinnacles,” extending 12 miles off shore […]

Down The NSA Rabbit Hole

What does spending $100 billion over the last ten years get you? It gets one huge, bloated, ineffectual agency of government — the NSA (National Security Agency). While the actual budget of this spy apparatus is secret, Jeanne Sahadi on June 7, 2013 (CNN Money) reported the estimate at a mere $10 billion dollars a […]

The Anderson Valley Trail Initiative

Ask anyone how it feels to take a bike ride and you are sure to get a positive response. Riding a bicycle just might be one of the top five pleasures of life that young and old alike can share. And so, it is not surprising that a proposal to establish a bike trail in […]

The Fort Bragg Mill Site

For the last dozen years, the Fort Bragg Mill site has been little more than 415 acres of “off limits” shoreline on the town’s western face. Every 4th of July, one can enjoy one evening of fireworks arcing over the Noyo Headlands. For the rest of the year, it is just that now barren stretch […]

Huffman Hawks Obama’s Healthcare Ponzi

From the first moments onward, it was clear that a Jared Huffman-sponsored “panel” was charged with the task of rolling out the wonders of the Affordable Care Act. For the next two hours, a tightly controlled presentation of selected elements of the Affordable Care Act was given, with Jared Huffman moderating the entire affair.

Price Gouging With FDA Approval

Anyone using colchicine, one of the best treatments for gout, is in for a nasty surprise, compliments of the FDA and the rapacious actions of URL Pharmaceuticals and Takeda Pharmaceuticals. Until recently, I used the generic drug colchicine. A prescription of 100 tablets typically cost about $10, actually 9¢ a pill. Best of all, it […]

Why Is Privatization Bad For State Parks?

It is important to note that privatization initiatives are NOT restricted to turning operations of parks over to for profit companies. Privatization also occurs whenever park fees (such as parking, day use, camping, boat launch facilities, etc.) are increased to a level that effectively restricts ANY citizen from visiting and enjoying a park. It is […]

State Parks Crisis: Tricks & No Treats

First, an apology: At the end of a heated exchange with California State Parks Foundation President, Elizabeth Goldstein, I said under my breath, “I’ll get you.” I should have realized that the phone connection was not yet severed. It is unfortunate that Ms. Goldstein heard it. I learned only later, via Mr. Anderson, that she […]

The Thin Green Line

Lately, it has been observed that “it takes a village” to save a park. In the case of Hendy Woods Community and Mendocino Area Parks Association, this is literally true. Almost every state park on the North Coast owes its OPEN FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT status to the hard work and hard-earned donation dollars of local […]