The Manufactured Crisis

To understand how this scandal came about and why it may well shape the future of state parks, we have to have a plan where to dig for the basic facts (“artifacts” if you like)

State Parks In Turmoil

What follows is a brief account of deceit, betrayal, and scandal at the headquarters of the State Department of Parks and Recreation. Arguably, this tawdry affair is shaping up to be the most destructive example in many years of why ordinary Californians have come to distrust state government. It is a story of a massive […]

Why No One Is Celebrating

After all the alarms and dire predictions, on June 26th the State Parks Department announced that all but five state parks have been saved from closure — for the time being. Why, then, is no one celebrating? Jared Huffman, Chair of the Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee of the State Assembly sees many unresolved problems. […]

Good News & Sobering Realities

For the last two weeks, from one end of Anderson Valley to the other there has been a huge sigh of relief. Hendy Woods State Park is off the State Parks closures list. This Sunday, June 10th, the Hendy Woods Community will come together at the Day Use Area (Picnic Ground near the river) from […]

Will Hendy Be Spared?

Breaking news! Kathy Bailey and the Hendy Woods Community appear on the verge of success. See her article ‘Hendy Woods State Park is Back in Business!’ Congratulations! Such an agreement does have implications for what is written below. However, with so much in flux and so many parks still at risk of closure or being […]

Tin Cup Politics & Park Closures

On Tuesday, March 20, I was given a lesson in just how broken the people’s business is in Sacramento. Along with 180 other participants to the 10th Annual “Park Advocacy Day,” I was there to meet and lobby against the park closures planned for July 1st. I do assume that some attendee/participants came away with […]

Abandoning Reason

Last week The California Report aired a special program on the decision to close 70 California State Parks, including 8 in Mendocino County. Among the jewels of California’s State Park system are Hendy Woods, Jug Handle, Manchester, and Point Cabrillo Light, to name but a few on closure list. A precious few have so far […]

And The Band Played On

We are fast approaching the July 1st date when the Department of Parks and Recreation will shutter many state parks. It is now certain that some of the 70 parks listed for closing will in fact not be closed. A few, such as Tomales Bay, Samuel P. Taylor, and Del Norte are to be rescued […]

Passing Strange II

Last fall I wrote a short piece, ‘Passing Strange,’ about the detention of my son, Franklin, by Customs and Immigration officials at Heathrow Airport. Franklin had flown to the United Kingdom in early September to interview for a job in Africa with a representative of Oxfam International. For reasons still unknown, the Customs officials denied […]

Q&A With 2nd District Candidate Norman Solomon

The 2012 election is shaping up to be of critical importance for the North Coast. If the political pundits and media talking heads are correct, 2012 will be yet another year of political gridlock and economic stagnation. At the center of this dilemma are elected professional politicians determined to hang on to their power. For […]

Draconian Cuts & State Parks

Friday morning, December 2nd, at 9AM, the John Sakowicz show on KZYX/Z featured a live interview with Jared Huffman, candidate for the 2nd Congressional District. Mr. Huffman appeared in his capacity as Chairman of the State Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee. True to Mr. Sakowicz’s word, the hour was devoted strictly to the issue […]