Why Close Any State Park?

When Governor Brown issued his list of State Park closures on May 13th, a numb silence spread through our park system. At first, Californians could not believe it. Why close down 70 State Parks at a time when the State Park system as a whole brings in far more revenue to both state coffers and […]

If A Park Falls: Hendy Woods

This past week, NBC News showed a video of a 300 foot tall, 1500 year old Sequoia falling to earth in the Sequoia National Forest. Visitors to the park were stunned to see such a magnificent giant so suddenly brought down, the result of natural causes. Across the state, however, what has stunned Californians is […]

North Coast Up For Grabs

The June 2012 primary is still seven months away. But that does not mean that the race among Democrat candidates for the newly drawn 2nd U.S. Congressional District is not heating up. On the contrary, the lines are being drawn between the contenders. The North Coast promises to be the linchpin to the nomination. As […]