Kimberly’s Big Break

Senator Kamala Harris is not the only Assistant DA who once worked for Terence Hallinan and is now in the national spotlight. Kimberly Guilfoyle,  the significant other of Donald Trump, Jr., is a political “player” in her own right, with enemies powerful enough to plant a story in the New York Times headlined “Kimberly Guilfoyle’s Fund-Raising for […]

Act Up SF Budtenders

In my SFDA ACT-UP SF file is a July 2000 letter from Drs. Donald Abrams and Paul Volberding, leading AIDS specialists at SF General Hospital, to colleagues treating patients in the Bay Area:  As many of you know and have experienced, the local group calling itself ACT UP San Francisco has long been engaged in […]

The Case of the AIDS Deniers

Terence Hallinan was criticized by an old friend, Alexander Cockburn, for his handling of the case against three members of Act-Up San Francisco who crudely harassed doctors, journalists, and activists espousing the idea that the HIV virus causes AIDS and is treatable with protease inhibitors. When Alex called the office in January 2002 I put […]

SF DA’s Office Notebook, 2000-2001

Note to TTH August 17, 2000: Assholes in the Outfield…  A fan ran onto the field and mooned the crowd at a Giants game. Mike Koppel brought police report to Judith Garvey, who showed it to Linda Klee. Linda decided not chargeable as a 314 because no sexual intent. Lt. Ballentine very insistent “On behalf of […]

The Judge Who Ruled Pot Is Medicine (March 4, 2009)

Most drug-policy-reform advocates know the name of Judge Francis Young and many can quote a line from his 1988 recommendation that the DEA remove marijuana from Schedule One: “Marijuana is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man.”  Few if any activists know the name of Judge James A. Washington. And whereas Judge […]

Get Kayo: The Endless Campaign

Senator Dianne Feinstein had told Terence Hallinan bluntly after he was elected district attorney in November ‘95 that “we” would not let it happen again. He assumed that DiFi’s “we” meant San Francisco’s and/or the Democratic Party’s power elite. Running for re-election four years later Hallinan was opposed by Bill Fazio (whom he’d edged out in […]

SFDA Office Politics (Cont’d)

(Continuing the memo that awaited District Attorney Hallinan when he got back from a week’s vacation on August 12, 2000.  TTH stands for Terence Tyrone Hallinan. He was named after the great Roman playwright who had been born in North Africa, enslaved, educated by a liberal master, freed to write his comedies. Vincent Hallinan could […]

Inside the SF DA’s Office

Memo to Kayo upon his return from a one-week vacation, August 13, 2000. The first item concerns an event in Los Angeles organized by Arianna Huffington to contrast with the Democratic National Convention. She had visited the office a few weeks earlier to invite the boss. Ethan Nadelmann was head of the Drug Policy Alliance.) […]

Kayo & Kamala

When Terence Hallinan asked me to be his press secretary in December, 1999, I was 58 and in my 13th year as managing editor of Synapse, UCSF’s internal weekly. The benefits were good and if I stayed seven more years my pension would go from meager to almost-livable-with-social-security. But being the district attorney’s public information officer […]

Four Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

In 1996, his first year in office, Terence Hallinan was the only district attorney in California to call for a “yes” vote on Proposition 215, the initiative to legalize the medical use of marijuana. (Even Norm Vroman, Mendocino’s libertarian DA, had opposed Prop 215.) Hallinan had promptly fired the Assistant DAs least likely to adopt […]

Ross Mirkarimi Remembers Kayo

FG: How did Terence Hallinan come into your life?  RM: I had been an active in the environmental movement and a founding member of the Green Party. and in 1993 I helped draft legislation that Supervisor Kevin Shelley introduced to create a commission on the environment, followed by a deparrtment on the environment. Supervisor Hallinan […]

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