Preview Of ‘Shamrocks & Salsa’

The Catholic football community in northern California was divided between St. Mary’s Galloping Gaels of Moraga, a Christian Brothers college in the East Bay, and the Broncos of the Jesuit-operated Santa Clara University in the West Bay. At the time the Gaels were coached by Edward “Slip” Madigan, a product of Notre Dame and protégé […]

The $500 Burrito

I suppose everyone has experienced moments of self disgust and responsibilities for self accusations as in “How in the hell could you be so stupid?” I have experienced a few moments like this, but none so vivid and memorable as the $500 Burrito. The cause and occurrence of this Mexican delicacy was the “velorio” or […]

The Priest & The Prisoner

I was ordained to the Roman Catholic priesthood on June 16, 1950 in St Mary’s Cathedral, San Francisco for the Archdiocese of San Francisco. Shortly afterwards I was appointed as an Assistant Pastor at St Mary’s Church in downtown Oakland, California, a poor Mexican-Black neighborhood which characterized a community also of social security pensioners living […]

Immigration Law & Its Casual Cruelties

This is the story of Rafael Morales, a Mixteca native of the State of Oaxaca, Mexico who “sneaked” into the United States, and eventually landed in Healdsburg, California, where after 8 years he brought his wife Con­ception (Concha) Rosas Hernandez and children, Can­dido, Hugo, and baby Evelia to California. Rafael’s native village of Tequixtepec resides […]