A Granger Down Under

I just returned from the California State Grange Convention in Sebastopol Grange last weekend. The state Grange is definitely on the rise even in the strange adversity from its National affiliation. A vigorous collection of Grangers from all over the state appeared to talk business, share accomplishments, elect officers and have a great time reconnecting. […]

Low Toxicity Food Additives?

I have been doing Toxic Trespass radio for many years, focused on how toxins become cancer and other maladies. Cancer has just gotten too prevalent in our relatively pristine rural environment. In fact many of these cancers have begun appearing in places they had not in the past. For example, brain cancer at one time […]

The Toxic Bank

Why be concerned about Big Timber and arrogant public agencies (e.g., Caltrans) use of toxins? For me, it started as friends and clients in areas surrounded by timber developed flu-like symptoms which strangely went away when they left their homes and then reappeared as they returned. Another friend’s wife miscarried, friends driving to work past […]