Last Week’s Island Mountain Raids

Last week’s tri-county marijuana cultivation raids in the Island Mountain area have drawn a lot of attention, not only locally but statewide. Mother Jones, the New York Times and many others have all taken note of the “raid of the decade,” with much of the coverage focusing on the connection to environmental consequences of large-scale […]

North Coast Railroad Authority Tosses EIR

Earlier this afternoon, the North Coast Railroad voted 8-1 to rescind its earlier certification of an environmental impact report governing operations on the southern end of its line. (Want background? See yesterday’s post.) LoCO Op-Ed contributor Bernie Meyers, who represents Marin County on the NCRA Board of Directors, was the sole vote in opposition. […]

Crazy Drifters

Sometimes it’s worthwhile to step back and let the boggling wash over your dome, reflecting on all the types who have somehow found their way to Humboldt County. How do they find us? Why do they find us? We exercise a magnetic pull on all the nation’s rebels, rejects and runaways. Take the case of […]

‘We Don’t Have To Follow Your Laws’

Nothing the North Coast Railroad Authority does should come as a shock anymore. This, after all, is the state agency that for years ran around telling everyone fantastical and contradictory stories — often pulling facts straight out of thin air — in order to gain whatever momentary financial or political advantage it could.

On The Murder Of Mountain Lions

Surely you’ve been following the controversy surrounding California Fish & Game Commission President Dan Richards, who took a hunting trip up to Idaho and ended up slaughtering a mountain lion with high-powered weaponry for kicks. When the photo of this nasty little child and his trophy appeared in a hunting magazine last month, the legislature […]

Lawson’s New Age Cash

This year’s bumper crop of Congressional candidates has filed its most recent round of campaign finance-related documentation, and the big story is the huge number of dollars accrued by candidate Stacey Lawson. The businesswoman, entrepreneur and academic may have no political experience to speak of, but she’s managed to pull in a whopping $456,000 in […]

Federal Prosecutors, ‘Marijuana Stores’ & Large Grows

So apparently it’s back to Prohibition now. Or that’s at least what the four California US Attorneys, gathered in Sacramento, wished to convey in a joint press conference in Sacramento this last Friday morning. While saying that they had not yet come up with a unified strategy, the prosecutors made clear that their offices would […]

Gov. Brown & Mountain Lions

It’s not quite up there with Schwarzenegger’s celebrated “fuck you” to Tom Ammiano, but Gov. Jerry Brown gets off a halfway decent zinger in a signing statement attached to his approval of Senate Bill 769, which legalizes the display of taxidermified cougar carcasses. The legislation passed both houses of the legislature unanimously. Writes Brown: To […]

North Coast Railroad Authority: ‘We Don’t Have To Follow Your Laws’

“NCRA, acting as the CEQA [California Environ-mental Quality Act] lead agency, has a duty pursuant to CEQA guidelines to neither approve nor carry out a project as proposed unless the significant environmental effects have been mitigated to an acceptable level, where possible.” — “Executive Summary: Draft Environmental Impact Report, Russian River Division, Freight Rail Project,” […]

Net Effects

One of the many dubious perks of living in Humboldt County — as it must be in places like New Orleans or Nome, Alaska — is that we regularly get to witness beautiful brute nature rise up and make a mockery of our frail pretensions to civilization. Earthquake, tsunami, flood: When the Earth gets bored […]