I’ve been lucky. In every place where I have lived, the water was just fine. My first experience with water had to have been in El Cerrito, where my parents lived when I was born. I have no bad memories of the water there. But then, I have no memories whatsoever of my time there, […]

Real ID Runaround

As you may recall from my earlier blathering, my (WY) driver license is up for renewal in early January. Now the instructions in the letter sent me by the equivalent of your DMV stated that I would have to appear in person to renew since I had renewed by mail four years ago, and that […]

Post-Election High

I turned on my TV at about nine-thirty Tuesday night. I wanted to see what the paid liars were saying about the fiasco of an election, and which of the “choices” offered them our ill-informed voters had chosen to “lead” them. Normally, the only time I turn the device (CRT, mind you) on is to […]

Love Along The Delta Cross Channel

The Delta Cross Channel is part of the Central Valley Project, a massive federal welfare program for delivering water from the Sacramento and Trinity rivers to agricultural users in the Central Valley. The channel was dug to connect the Sacramento River to the Delta to transport more of its water, and fish, to massive pumps […]

Clara & Michele

In late 1970 I met an interesting woman. Let’s call her Clara. She was the first lesbian I had ever met, or at least the first to openly admit it. Simply put, Clara was beautiful, slender and willowy, and reasonably intelligent. Her partner (those of course were the days before same-sex marriages were legally recognized) […]