Nine Eleven

While the country celebrates (if that’s not too inappropriate a word) the anniversary of the World Trade Center bombing, one of the television stations heads its broadcast “America On Alert” and the whole country holds its breath. We are told that although the threats are credible, they are still not specific, but the President assures […]

Hunting Season

About 100 years ago in rural America no one gave much thought to hunting. In the fall, ranchers and farmers and other country folk, thoroughly familiar with the terrain near their homes, would go out for a couple of days to where they knew the deer hung out, track the herd, select a buck, shoot […]

Kid Killers

Once again a disturbed child has taken weapons to school in order to kill. The Oregon media is now filled with commentators airing analyses and theories on why it happened and how to prevent further occurrences of random violence. Briefly, on May 21, a 15-year-old boy named Kipland “Kip” Kinkle, armed with semi-automatic rifle and […]

The Consensus Scam

While the gap between the very rich and the rest of us continues to widen, “common ground,” “bi-partisanship,” “cooperation,” “consensus,” and “accommodation,” have become the watchwords of the 90s. On any subject, we’re supposed to consider all the options and give an ear to every opposing view. Obviously, Citizens’ Advisory Committees, Blue Ribbon Panels and […]