No One Ever Intends to Suffer

We can all agree on some basic facts: Eureka is a seaside town, rundown in some places, charming in others, dotted here and there with the stately form of some impressive architecture. There’s often fog. It rains here, though anecdotally less in recent years than in the past. There are tall trees and a genuine […]

Addicts Among You (Yes, You)

Eureka rots with addiction. Under every rock, behind every edifice, in almost every bush, is the shivering, hungry, sweat-stained son or daughter of good people. Often, they’ve stolen from you, rifled through your garbage for recyclables, begged change from passersby at Eureka Natural Foods, and tried hundreds of times to stop stabbing themselves with the […]

Dead Reckoning

Most families have a code these days, to protect the sanctity of shared holiday meals and allow the normally inane conversations at these events to proceed according to expectation. Don’t rock the boat. Don’t talk politics. Don’t discuss the fact that Uncle Wayne is a closet fascist, that Grandma Sally hates black people, and that […]