State Of The AV Farm Report

California is parched. The state’s worst drought in decades has left its reservoirs half-naked, if not skeletal. Officials say 17 communities could run out of drinking water this summer; some are considering mandatory rationing; and 500,000 acres in the state may be left fallow.

California Water Report

The Federal government just released their first assessment for water allocations for the coming year in California after the driest year on record since they kept records 118 years ago. The news is historical and breaks a 54 year contractual agreement with state water suppliers.. “The US Bureau of Reclamation released its first outlook of […]

Superhumans & Populists In Mt. Shasta: Who Has The Rights?

It may not only be greatly symbolic, but critically fundamental that the gathering movement for local communities to assert their rights to self determine what goes on in the environment has begun at the foot of Mt. Shasta, where over half of our State’s water supply originates. Mt. Shasta City, California residents have been uniting […]

Ecotopia, Revisited

The main story behind Ernest Calenbach’s 1975 novel “Ecotopia” was about what had been created 20 years after America’s Northwest (Northern California, Oregon and Washington) seceded from the rest of the United States and was left alone to fend for themselves. The premise was that secessionists had planted nukes in major cities in the East […]