More Pot, Yet Again

Pretty sure the AVA is correct is saying the small-time grower is screwed. It will be like growing tomatoes in the back yard, eat them yourself and give some away to friends. The corporate world is on to marijuana in a big way. And just like home grown tomatoes compared to the ones in the […]


Here in Colorado, both marijuana and casino gambling are legal. I have no moral judgment on this, other than pot was more fun back when. Speaking of drugs, a clear 40 year-old memory sticks with me… Sitting in a Sausalito houseboat waiting to score some dope, and looking at the others waiting, I wanted badly […]

Hospitals For Whites Only?

Saw an article about right-wingers’ disdain for institutions of learning (Trump: “I love the poorly educated”). One suggestion was because universities have non-white people in them. Well, okay. In a country full of people who are certain a black president must be a muslim from Kenya with no birth certificate… Not to go into the […]

Palm Beach

This exclusive enclave of the ultra-wealthy has gotten a lot of press lately thanks to Trump and his Mar-A-Lago resort. I’d never have gone there if not for a music gig.


Getting my first computer was inspired by a visit to AVA regular Jim Gibbons, in the hills outside of Willits. He was on solar power and had a Mac Plus hooked up to an inverter supplying AC current. I wrote my first letter to the AVA on that machine, which Gibbons called a “magical typewriter.” […]

The Most Powerful Man In The World Redux

The logic of the rich? – want more, get more. But there’s never enough. Towers all over the world with your name emblazoned in big gold letters, proclaiming, extolling celebrating…ME. If billions of dollars and a constant torrent of publicity and attention don’t satisfy, what is left? Power – what else? Whenever it was that the president of the United States started being called the Most Powerful Man in the World, as a kid who had grown up reading Superman comics, I knew, felt strongly, that something wasn’t right about this. POTUS had become a comic strip character. Somewhere I had read that the desire for a position of authority and power ought to be the primary disqualification for the job.

Boomers, Again

A lot of younger people are apparently under the impression that baby boomers are the selfish “me” generation, who became yuppies, stock brokers etc. I’ve read a number of angry articles by X and Y (“millennials”) generation people that assert this. It may be true, but I don’t know to what extent, because I don’t […]

Hitchhiker Blues

It’s been a few years since I tried to hitch a ride. The last time was when my engine blew in O’Brien, Oregon and I tried to bum a ride into Cave Junction. I gave up after three hours.

My Two Moments With Alexander Cockburn

At this point, after nearly 30 years, I seem to be an older-timer at the AVA, the Editor and The Major notwithstanding. I discovered the paper at the home of my old friend and fellow senior AVA contributor Jim Gibbons, on the outskirts of Willits. It was in the AVA that I first heard of […]

Shapiro vs. Sausalito

A yellow dredge sat scuttled in Richardson Bay, less than 100 yards south of the Napa St. pier, and about the same distance from the shoreline and the Sausalito Cruising Club. It was a barge with huge steel tanks for flotation, a wooden deck and 2-story superstructure.


Reading the anti-semitism piece in the Dec. 20 daily Mendo County Today, I was reminded of the time I learned about the practice (belief?) of Jew-hating. I grew up in central Connecticut, a place where Catholicism was the dominant religion, but was saved from that by the fact that my Irish father had excommunicated himself […]