CalTrans Destroys Archeological Site

A federal historic preservation agency called out Caltrans last week for a “major breach” of its commitment to protect historic properties, as required by the project’s environmental impact statement. The Sherwood Valley Rancheria of Pomo Indians (SVR) got a notice from Caltrans on Friday, September 13 that an archaeological site with Pomo cultural resources known […]

Can The Warbler Stop Big Orange?

A young woman perched high up in large pine tree marked for “topping” at the south end of the Willits bypass route — and a group of about 60 protesters supporting her — apparently stopped plans by Caltrans contractors to begin the tree work Monday morning. A Caltrans truck did come in soon after 9am […]

Cut ’n Run, The Sequel

Goodbye, Georgia-Pacific. Or should we say ta-ta “The Timber Company”? — the pretentious name G-P gave its publicly traded timber division after spinning it off from the main group at the end of 1997. Last week, G-P made it official — “the paper company” is leaving California as fast as it can find a buyer […]