NorCal Media Consolidation Mantra: We Want It All Now (Dec. 5, 2001)

Yet another important story getting buried in these days of War and Patriotism is the Federal Communications Commission’s continuing campaign to get rid of regulations hindering the increasing monopolization of the news industry.  On Sept. 13, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced it was considering changes to its 1975 rule that barred common ownership of […]

CalTrans Destroys Archeological Site

A federal historic preservation agency called out Caltrans last week for a “major breach” of its commitment to protect historic properties, as required by the project’s environmental impact statement. The Sherwood Valley Rancheria of Pomo Indians (SVR) got a notice from Caltrans on Friday, September 13 that an archaeological site with Pomo cultural resources known […]

Can The Warbler Stop Big Orange?

A young woman perched high up in large pine tree marked for “topping” at the south end of the Willits bypass route — and a group of about 60 protesters supporting her — apparently stopped plans by Caltrans contractors to begin the tree work Monday morning. A Caltrans truck did come in soon after 9am […]

Doing It for the Kids

Gov. Gray Davis “steered public schooling in a decidedly pro-business direction yesterday” with his appointment of Donald Fisher, big daddy of The Gap, Inc., to the California Board of Education. So wrote SF Chronicle reporter Nanette Asimov in her Friday story on Davis’ two March 15 education appointments: Fisher, 72, and Suzanne Tacheny, 36, director […]

Cut ’n Run, The Sequel

Goodbye, Georgia-Pacific. Or should we say ta-ta “The Timber Company”? — the pretentious name G-P gave its publicly traded timber division after spinning it off from the main group at the end of 1997. Last week, G-P made it official — “the paper company” is leaving California as fast as it can find a buyer […]