KZYX: Promise of Paradise

In the 1970s, young journeyers from urban and suburban America seeking to reinvent themselves in rural environs began moving to Mendocino County digging in and working to gain the skills they would need to thrive in this new home. They built lives and raised families. Eventually, of course, this phenomenon became known as the Back to the Land Movement. Roughly speaking we are now at the 50th anniversary of the beginning of that wave. 

What’s New At The AV History Museum?

Greetings, all! Last time we reported in, we told you all about the physical improvements we’ve made to your Anderson Valley History Museum and surrounding grounds. Those included fixing a roof where the rain was getting in, a new rest room, a new septic system, upgrades to the Rose Room that would allow us to […]

The 27th Annual AV Variety Show

My Friday had been long and stressful. Some extremely irritating news had arrived early on. Then there was a stubborn, hours-long, two-front confrontation with software and internet to retrieve a relatively small amount of data I could really just as easily and almost as accurately guesstimate. (Such sensible logic does not register when one is […]

The 26th Annual AV Variety Show

No matter who is in the White House, each year spring rolls around. Or at least it has so far. We don’t know what the Russians have in store for us next year. Those practical jokers dropped the Big Orange Bluster on us this year. Next year, who knows? Everlasting Winter doesn’t seem too much […]

A Quarter Century Of High Art!

There were several important take-aways from the opening skit at this year’s Anderson Valley Variety show, held at the Philo Grange these past Friday and Saturday nights. It’s important to understand that this was the 25th straight year the show has been put on by a somewhat constant, yes constantly evolving, collection of comic, creative […]

Another Year, Another Great Variety Show

There had been reports of UFO sightings over Anderson Valley for several weeks. Reports in the AVA, conversations on porches and over fences. People craning their necks to trace wispy white streaks across the sky and clouds settling on the hillside that might have been simply clouds and fogbanks, or perhaps the product of some […]

The 2014 Variety Show

I went to the 2014 Anderson Valley Variety Show at the Philo Grange on Friday night and then again on Saturday. As always, the pre-show parade of local glitterati showing off their star power as they sashayed along the red carpet was worth the price of admission all by itself. I saw people I hadn’t […]

Your 2013 Anderson Valley Variety Show

Forty-eight hours or so before the opening act of this year’s Anderson Valley Variety Show I got a call from Captain Rainbow asking me to handle the review duties for this year’s extravaganza. I consider this a huge honor, especially for a newcomer such as I. After all, the lovely Stephanie and I only initiated […]