Forty: Part 1

In T minus a few days, in the middle of the middle of the night, I will be forty years old. I know it’s just another day and I know it’s just a number but it’s still a thing. I won’t g-o on a tirade about wrinkles (it’s really the enduring acne that humbles me) […]

Jewish Branches & BONES Animal Rescue

Tomorrow morning at the first shimmers of light, I will join many in the traditional turkey adventure involving multiple hours of baking and if you’re like me, varied oven temperatures. While I am aware of the sordid tradition involved with it, I have come full circle to the affair. I love the meal and I […]

Glass Beach: Long Time Passing

Over the weekend the kiddo, who is now the ripe ol’ age of seven and I had some extra time after playing and before dinner. I asked him if he’s like to go to the Pudding Creek Trestle or to Glass Beach. “Glass Beach!” So that’s where we went. It being July in Fort Bragg, […]

What I did not buy at the Estate Sale

  I heard about it from a friend who, heard it from a friend who… no that’s a song. This is a story about what happened earlier today. My friend told me she was hitting up an estate sale. We were out doing errands and I texted her to see where it was. She gave […]

Confessions of a Dirty Girl

I got an email from my sister a few months ago telling me she had entered me into some kind of obstacle course race. I am in school and work and have a kid but I was like, sure. How hard can it be? It was not as hard as one of these but it […]

We Are All Customers

This photo was posted on The Other 98%’s facebook page tagged “An important safety tip.” I get the importance of shock value. This photo caught my eye not just because my aunt was soliciting her brother for a response about it but also because I had to think about it. Initially, I thought well sure, […]

Thanks to People Who Just Get it.

The night before last I made the cornbread stuffing. I was telling my boyfriend how there is nothing to it but an hour in, (I was working really, really slow) it was clear that his Stove Top method really was wayyyy easier. Easier perhaps but sometimes you have to work for greatness. I did not […]

Calming An Overtired Baby

It sounds like I am going to hand you a list of tried and true tips about how to get your colicky baby to sleep but that’s not the case, so now you’ve been warned ahead of time to go look on or something like that for that kind of information. My own baby […]

The Nameless Cowgirl

So if you’re wondering where I went, I will just be honest and tell you I have a new project for school that is taking up a bit of my blogging juice. You can find the link to the latest post on that blog here. It’s called Adventures in Social Work and it is decidedly […]

Paul Bunyan Pillow-fight and Parade 2012

The littlest pillow-fighters. The kid in the red shirt was no joke. Slow and steady won this race. Our boy readying for battle. Facing off with a female. An action shot. My kid is the one mid-climb. You know this guy. These were the three old white dudes (no disrespect) who were the judges of […]

The Ecuadorian Embassy Keeps Me Up At Night

It’s been a long few days lots of us watching the live feeds from outside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London waiting, waiting, waiting for the next move in the very calculated game of chess being played. Julian Assange is inside the Embassy, seeking asylum which Britain does not want to grant him. So in the […]

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