Uncool Mom

Songs of heartbreak are flowing from down the hall. Why is it the heartbreak of youth seems so much more devastating than the heartbreaks we have subsequently? You remember being a heartbroken teenager. Don’t pretend you don’t. Have I mentioned how hard it is being a mom? I know, right. I am full of thoughts […]

Now We Are Six

Now We Are Six When I was one, I had just begun. When I was two, I was nearly new. When I was three, I was hardly me. When I was four, I was not much more. When I was five, I was just alive. But now I am six, I’m as clever as clever. […]

That What You Fear The Most?

Last week I completed a class I never intended on taking. In fact, I have been running from that whole sector of the academic world for half my life. I even transferred to obscure colleges to circumvent certain requirements. I am not proud. I felt guilty, of course, but I figured I would never need […]

Post-Cult Anti-Automaton

It sounds hokey, but it happened to me. Something I believed in with the depth of more core turned out to be something of a charade. Eventually it broke into very defined and separated pieces. I keep trying to find a metaphor to describe it but I can’t seem to find one that fits properly. […]

Important Guidelines for Co-Parenting:

As a part of the “Parenting Apart” workshop I had to attend when I was getting divorced, I was given a packet of all sorts of materials. Of everything I received or read during that time, this was by far the most important. It is something I refer to and make photocopies of, for anyone […]

More Mushy Mom Stuff

It was bound to happen. He’s been asking for some time but when Craigslist knocked, I answered. That’s right, today we installed the bunk beds in his bedroom. This might sound like small potatoes and perhaps it is. I mean, we all grow up right? If we’re lucky. And in order to make room for […]

Here’s Why You’re Voting Yes on Measure A:

The following is information I gleaned from a mailer I received today. I was on the fence about this project but I am not any more. Regardless of what you heard about its financial troubles and how the project was not well thought out, it doesn’t matter. It is built and it is beautiful and […]

Images of Inhabiting the Social World

The following link is to the slides from a project I created for a class I am taking for my social work program. I could give you the back story but the images and short choice of words for each slide is meant to evoke responses and not specifically academic rhetoric. To put it in […]

T-ball and MLK

I just signed the little man up for T-ball. I am going to be a T-ball mom. How radical is that? Yes, well it is what it is. My 19 year old anarchist self would probably see me now as a total middle-American sell-out. I am glad I am not 19 anymore. Believe me, I […]

National Intervention

It’s been a whirl-wind. Back to school after a holiday break for all of us. Bulbs in the ground, waiting for spring to start their sprouting. Meanwhile, a breath of relaxation before I hit the books er, URL. I was invited to do some consulting for this project. Share the site far and wide. Feedback […]

Gadgets, Rube Goldberg and Native American Studies

It’s a beautiful December. The little man is gadgeting. The teenager is neck deep in Rube Goldberg machines. My boyfriend is recovering from some strange chemical reactions, but he has recovered and is back to his normal awesome self. I am working, finishing up my Native American Studies course this semester and gearing up for […]