To Do What Needs To Be Done

The biggest news in the past month with the little man was that the he is doing great in school via the Parent-Teacher Conference.  The little man is doing great in school and is learning and growing in all the ways a five year old should. The little man’s dad and I sat and listened […]

Day of the Dead Countdown

It was his Auntie’s idea. She was like, “Ok, your little man wants Halloween decorations? Let’s go to the cemetery and do gravestone rubbings.” So we bought some large newsprint from Racines, grabbed our shoebox of crayons and made an afternoon of it. The little man’s Auntie and the little man himself in the Fort […]

What The Tooth Fairy Can And Cannot Do

It’s funny because a week ago he told me his tooth was loose. I tried to wiggle it and shrugged since I did not find it offering any give whatsoever. He had directed me to the wrong tooth, it turns out. A few days later, he showed me- no mom, over Here. And this one […]

Cornel West & Cigarettes

#1. Watch this and share it with all your friends. It really is Cornel West speaking about the 40th Anniversary of the Attica uprising and the political situation at present. #2. Today is day 2 of my personal non-smoking campaign. I know, what with my amazing parenting skills as outlined in this blog, you’re probably […]

2011 Paul Bunyan Parade Highlights

It was a good show this year, albeit excessively slow. The day was banked in with fog which made for nice photos but it was chilly! The sun did finally peak out after the parade as we walked home from our little perch on the curb of Main Street, Fort Bragg. It dawned on me […]

Anarchist Chess

It’s Paul Bunyan Days here in Fort Bragg. After a little grocery shopping for tomorrow’s family brunch, we walked down town. The Classic Car Show was small but the little man enjoyed it, preferring the red Corvette to my favorite, the shiny blue Mustang. We hit the Gem & Mineral Show after that. Growing up, […]

Random Bits & the First Day of School

I know, I know. I am not the only mother to ever send her kid to school. But it’s my first time sending mine to Kindergarten tomorrow so for me, it’s a big deal. I remember my first day. I was wracked with nerves because I was terrified they wouldn’t let me in because I […]

Achilles Heel

Sometimes I get the feeling I say all the same things in these blog posts.  Other times, I go back and read them and realize, yes I am repeating myself. That’s me shrugging. I yam what I yam and that’s all that I yam. I have spent a number of the last few weeks working […]

I Saw Timmy Pitch

I am nearly 32 and though I was raised by a die-hard Giants fan, but my affinity for them is recent.  I am one of those terribly uncool folks who fell in love with them only last year.  I know, you have loved them your whole life and think I am a poser.  Whatever. Let […]

Highlights from Mendo’s 4th of July Parade

We got there early.  Set up camp in the back of a friend’s pick-up and awaited the show.   Our buddy the Fire Chief and his family. My 7th grade Civics teacher telling it like it is.   Another year, another war.   Signs, signs…   It is my understanding that for each death in […]

Summertime. And The Livin’s Easy.

This morning, his dad brought him over at 10am.  We chilled for a minute.  Getting our cuddles in.  Then, we were off.  I had heard about a Book Sale at the Fort Bragg Library and we planned to hit Wiggly Giggly park afterward.  En route we happened upon a young lady with a Lemonade stand.  […]