On This, Your 5th Birthday

 Happy birthday, little man.  It blows my mind to think that 5 years ago you were in my belly, bouncing on my bladder and pushing on my ribs.  The day you were born, you were tired.  It was understandable.  You worked just as hard as I did to get you born.  The next day, […]

Saturday in Potter Valley

It was rainy but we donned our boots and drove over anyway.  We met my niece and the little man climbed up on the bed of the multicultural float with she and some friends.  Then my sister and her family arrived.  We stood in the rain, as much with candy as water.  It was a […]

By Myself

It was bound to happen.  He’s so close to being five.  Certainly other kids have done it earlier. We were visiting my parents at their homestead in Albion where dinner is lovingly prepared with whatever is in season.  It is a good season right now.  Cannellini beans, leeks, garlic, greens and tomato sauce canned from […]

Acting Like A Child

Today we had a difference of opinion.  We had to leave where we were because he was being disruptive and I did not feel like dragging the spectators through the negotiations.  In the car I was frustrated.  I am pretty sure the words, “You are acting like a child!” came out of my mouth.  They […]

Easter in Mendocino

Holidays.  As a kid I don’t remember Easter being such a big deal.  Maybe it’s because all I had to do was wake up in the morning and all that was required was I find the eggs and chocolate.  As a parent, it’s different.  For instance , this Easter I had to work from 8am-10am.  […]

The Swimmer

A minute ago I was anxiously taking pregnancy tests, hoping. Now my son is nearly five. People told me that would happen. Of course I had heard it all before. But a lot of that stuff is white noise until it becomes your own truth. My sister maintains she still misses me at four. I […]

Toe Shoes and Lorca

She had been a ballerina. She played the violin.  She was a painter.  A sculptor.  More things to more people than I can possibly mention here.  She had a way of embellishing the mundane with glass baubles and beautiful rusting bits of bygone splendor. For an important part of both of our lives, we were […]

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

To live.  Sounds easy enough in practice.  Wake up.  Eat.  Work.  Play.  Love yourself.  Love people around you. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. “My parents told me if I went to college, got married and had kids, I would be happy.”  My dad told me this as I was growing up.  He was also careful to add […]

The House You Live In

Since I moved back into my childhood home, I have had this song peripherally but consistently floating around my head.  And it’s okay with me, because I like Gordon Lightfoot.  Seems odd to think anyone wouldn’t… This week the judge granted me guardianship of my teenage niece.  Everyone was on board, so it wasn’t a […]