Change, changing places

I just got home from a week in Tampa, FL.  I had never been to Florida before.  What I can tell you is this: Gasparilla is no joke.  They take their pirating very seriously in those parts.  Also, the weather really is very, very nice.  Recommendations include both the brand new and awesomely fun Glazer […]

“Did they kill him, too?”

Today is the day we observe the life of Martin Luther King Jr.  My boy woke up feeling under the weather, so we cuddled up in front of the computer to watch some youtube videos of this great man. We watched and watched and as we watched, he asked questions and I tried to answer […]

Winter Sunset at Glass Beach

Who needs loot from Santa with treasures like these? We live close enough to get to Glass Beach by bike.  Having spent the remainder of the post-preschool afternoon playing with Santa’s offerings, a bike ride was in order.  After second lunch, we were off.  Enjoying the cool air on our cheeks, looking both ways before […]

Our Lady of Perpetual Fun

Take Hwy 1 north to Maple Street.  Take a right and follow it to where the road becomes a T.  See that huge building you’re facing that looks like nothing you’ve ever seen in Fort Bragg?  That’s the one.  Find a place to park because this is where the magic happens.  And you thought you […]

Christmas in Albion

It was raining when we left Fort Bragg to head over to the Grandparent’s house in Albion.  The relatives.  The food.  The hot hot upstairs, windows wide open to the rain. Santa left something in the garage just for the little man.  Above is Pompa giving him the overview of the hand break, the steering […]

Two Roads

The Christmas tree is decorated.  The presents under the tree are mounting. We’re in a flurry of cookie baking & decorating, wrapping presents and eating candy canes. Meanwhile, Julian Assange has his head in the gallows, so to speak.  With this smear on Assange for sexual misconduct, The Masses run the risk of assuming Wikileaks […]

Levity & The Latest Plan

It’s already almost Thanksgiving.  How does this happen?  It’s raining in Fort Bragg.  Wait, no- it’s sunny. The Day of the Dead was a great memorial.  The local public access station here in Fort Bragg showed me and my boy talking about our Auntie who passed.  I was a little miffed until I learned (remembered) […]

Día de los Muertos

It was awesome.  Last week we decorated Sugar Skulls at the Caspar Community Center.  This week there were alters in many of the shops around town and a large display at City Hall. The little man and I arrived promptly, 10 minutes to 6pm and soon found our way to the face-painting stations.  The little […]

The Volcano in the Kitchen

Today was our day to do nothing.  No school for him.  No work for me.  No important errands to run.  No play-dates to be on time for.  So we were busy. He was up early talking with more questions about God.  To which I did my best, but c’mon, who’s that great at that kind […]

Our Sunday Trip to the Boonville Fair

We left the rainy Coast early, swinging by the Albion store to pick up my parents.  We rocked out to the Putamayo Americana album en route, pointing out the water line on the trees to the Little Man on 128 as we headed over the river and through the woods to Booneville, for the Apple […]

The Paul Bunyan Parade

Paul.  And his Axe.  Not sure what they did with Babe. It would not be the Paul Bunyan Parade without the Kangaroo Kort.  This year, there were children inside saying “Help me, help me”…  WTF? What amazes me is that there are only four of them.  And they all have their legs. This is my […]