August Adventures

I have been at a loss as to how to go from a post about death to justabout anything else.  Suffice to say my dear friend is no longer using her hospital bed.  She went peacefully with family and really, what more can you ask? However, amid all the death and esoteric wonderings- the little […]

Her New Hospital Bed

My friend is sick and in bed at home, dying.  (I know, bummer of a blog post, aye?  Would you rather I did movie reviews?  Don’t answer that.) I had a high school counselor give me some unappreciated and unsolicited insight once.  He said, “Jes, if you hang out in the deep end of the […]

The High Country of Yosemite

Yosemite 2010.  It was an epic trip.  My climbing buddies from our J-Tree adventure, some of their siblings, my son and of course, our climbing guide.  We arrived a lot later than anticipated to our campsite in Tuolomne Campground.  Quiet time is stated @ 10pm.  We didn’t get in until after that but were luckily […]

Serious Questions

So on the way home from picking my boy up from hanging out with his dad this evening, we’re driving through Fort Bragg.  The car is packed because we’re leaving on a climbing trip to Yosemite tomorrow morning.  At the stoplight on the corner of Main and Redwood Streets, I reach back and hold his […]

The 4th of July

The 4th of July parade in Mendocino.  If you’ve never been, you should check it out.  It’s like no other 4th of July parade. The fire trucks were a big hit with my little man.  Following the firetrucks, I caught my breath.  Here they came.   The older Vets marching in uniform.  I stood there […]

Happy Birthday, Little Man

Four years ago today, my first and only son was born.  Seems like just yesterday I huffed and puffed until I thought the whole bottom half of my body would simply break apart.  And then there was a baby.  And it was a boy.  And he had 10 fingers and 10 toes was healthy and […]

Gelato, Babies Found in the Rubble and My SUV

A few weeks ago, we went out to celebrate the use and proper function of underpants.  It has been a long haul and we’re not completely out of the woods yet, but things were going well and a celebration was in order.  See below for some very cute photos of the little man enjoying his […]

The Occasional Algae Fight

It rained and then it rained some more and just when we thought it was going to stop, it started again and then…  it was sunny.  No wind- just beautiful, lovely sunshine.  So I figured it was time to excavate my son from the pile of toys in the living room and get some air. […]

3-D glasses are totally hip.

Friday was a long day peppered frequently with “Is it 4 yet?”  I had made the mistake the day before of telling him that at 4 o’clock tomorrow, “We are going to go see the new Shrek at the Theater!” Seeing flicks at the theater is a very new thing for him.  We tried to […]

Joshua Tree

At some point in the winter I started having fantasies about dragging some friends to Joshua Tree to see the desert in bloom and do some rock climbing.  I had climbed in gyms previously and loved it but had never tried actual rocks.  So, the day came when I kissed my little boy goodbye, and […]

Look Ma, I am a kite!

I had been promising something fun and the weather had cleared.  This is going to be great, I tell myself.  I grabbed a hat for me and a couple for him, thinking, “It won’t be that windy, we’ll get down to the beach, collect a few sand dollars, talk about the sharks and the meeting […]