The Russian River Run (June 1990)

The night before the Russian River Run, Sally Miklose calls me from her motel room in Ukiah because her 16-year-old son Jesse wants to find out how fast I’m planning to run the next day’s 8K. He wants to run with me as long as possible. Like his older brother Gabriel, he wants to beat […]

Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time (Feb. 21, 1990)

All I can say in my defense is that it seemed like a good idea at the time. A bunch of arms-chair jocks getting together the Sunday afternoon before the Super Bowl for a little flag football. How could I resist? Sure, it had been decades since I last played football, but I’m an active […]

Skinnier Isn’t Always Faster

Ed was a stocky 150-pounder I used to train with back in 1979-80. He figured the reason I ran faster than him was because I was skinnier. I tried to tell him that 150 or perhaps 145 might be just the right weight for him, but then I’d beat him in another foot race, and […]

A Jog Down Memory Lane

1978 was the year I got my teaching credential from Sonoma State University, bought a little house in Willits for $15,000, and was hired that Fall by the Willits Unified School District to teach at the newly formed San Hedrin Continuation High School. Yvonne and I were happy to finally live in town after having […]

There’s Always Good News

It’s been one year since my book came out. I had joined a Hawaii writers’ group at the end of 2016 to get some inspiration to finish what I had been working on for the past few years, figuring to use those weekly meetings as weekly deadlines, like when I wrote a weekly newspaper column. […]

‘What Do You Do All Day?’

An old friend recently asked me, after I told him I was retired, “What do you do all day?” He asked me in an email, so I didn’t have to defend myself right away, or even reply, treating it more like a rhetorical question, something to think about. But the more I thought about it […]

Plugging My Book

Self-publishing my book was much tougher than writing it, and getting it out there for people to see that it exists – plugging it – has been a real learning experience.

The Walmart Shootout

March 7, 2003 — I first heard about the WalMart shootout on the morning news, then read about it in the local newspapers. An ex-con with a long history of violence triggered a parking lot shootout at Ukiah’s WalMart Friday night that left one police officer wounded, a security guard stabbed, and the shooter dead. […]

Sailing Out Of Willits (Part 5)

Been on board the Constance one month today. We left another beautiful anchorage and not really sure where we’ll be tonight, but somewhere about half-way to Golfito, our last stop in Costa Rica.

Sailing Out of Willits (Part 4)

Sailed into Bahia Leona yesterday afternoon and were met by water skiers, jet skiers, and motor boaters all in this very small bay going around and around in circles as if in a fishbowl.

Sailing Out of Willits (Part 3)

Had lunch with a few other yate owners and Liliana, Madame of the Port. She is a real character, plus very attractive and engaging. She arrived here in Playa del Cocos with her parents when she was 5-years old and learned English by just talking to the tourists and yate owners.

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