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Posts published by “Jim Gibbons”

My First Bay-to-Breakers, 1981

The worst part for me about running the 70th annual Bay-to-Breakers was not the 27,300 official registered runners, or even the 10,000 or so unregistered…

The Russian River Run (June 1990)

The night before the Russian River Run, Sally Miklose calls me from her motel room in Ukiah because her 16-year-old son Jesse wants to find…

Skinnier Isn’t Always Faster

Ed was a stocky 150-pounder I used to train with back in 1979-80. He figured the reason I ran faster than him was because I…

A Jog Down Memory Lane

1978 was the year I got my teaching credential from Sonoma State University, bought a little house in Willits for $15,000, and was hired that…

There’s Always Good News

It’s been one year since my book came out. I had joined a Hawaii writers’ group at the end of 2016 to get some inspiration…

‘What Do You Do All Day?’

An old friend recently asked me, after I told him I was retired, “What do you do all day?” He asked me in an email,…

Plugging My Book

Self-publishing my book was much tougher than writing it, and getting it out there for people to see that it exists – plugging it – has been a real learning experience.

Sailing Out Of Willits (Part 5)

Been on board the Constance one month today. We left another beautiful anchorage and not really sure where we’ll be tonight, but somewhere about half-way to Golfito, our last stop in Costa Rica.

Sailing Out of Willits (Part 4)

Sailed into Bahia Leona yesterday afternoon and were met by water skiers, jet skiers, and motor boaters all in this very small bay going around and around in circles as if in a fishbowl.