NYC Pigeon Spotting in the 1950s

To even an unpracticed eye the kid would have looked out-of-place, walking alone in a dawdling way, generally up toward the Park. It was cold, but he wasn’t wearing an overcoat; might not have even had one. What he was wearing stuck out: A gray sports coat with pads in the shoulders. Brown slacks with […]

Outstanding Trainee

Cassidy went on sick call that morning, talked like he had laryngitis, so Prado had to take the platoon. Prado had been waiting for a day like this. He knew exactly what he needed to do, and he figured it would take him only one day. In the RFA training platoon, besides the Regular Army […]

Sorry Soldier

Sitting on his half-folded, inverted entrenching tool, its handle stuck into the mud, Private Jamieson shivered awake as a gust of wind tore the poncho roof away and the water poured down on him.