The Crab Season

It’s not the stuff you can see, they say, that will get you. It’s the stuff you can’t see. The November 7th spill of 58,000 gallons of bunker fuel oil pales in comparison with past incidents in the San Francisco Bay. According to the Associated Press, the top five oil spills in the San Francisco […]

Fishing Alligator Alley

Noyo Confidential disappeared into the Everglades, into the misty swamps of Alligator Alley last week. I decided to skip the column because I didn’t want to do anything that remotely smelled like work. Hey, I was on vacation. May and I commandeered Grandma’s car, put the top down, and started driving from Port Charlotte in […]

Noyo Harbor Confidential (July 30, 2003)

I stand before you a humbled man. Last Sunday I was out trolling for salmon with Mike the Rookie and showing him how to tie fishing knots. I’ve been tying knots for 40-odd years, beginning with my own shoelaces. The bunny rabbit goes through the hole and then you pull on its ears. It seems […]