Water Board Clamps Down on Pot Growers

On March 29, the State Water Resources Control Board announced that cannabis cultivators with water rights are not allowed to divert surface water for cannabis cultivation activities at any time from April 1 through October 31 of this year unless the water diverted is from storage. The Board’s action is what is known as a […]

Daylight & Water

For all you Trump haters out there you can’t say he hasn’t done something for us Uber Californians. In fact, he’s done a couple of good things. He recently supported and then signed into law, our right to grow hemp. Of course, the ink was barely dry on the new law when our board of […]

PG&E’s Bad Behavior & Bankruptcy

Last week’s column on PG&E’s pending bankruptcy closes the book on a piece I wrote a year and half ago where I warned to be on the lookout for the twin “Bs”:  Bailout and Bankruptcy. Both became realities when Gov. Brown and the state legislature rammed through a ratepayer-backed bailout plan where the utility would […]

Ready for Some New Laws?

Sacramento lawmakers certainly made a lot of new laws this year, sending the most bills to the governor’s office in more than a decade. In all, legislators sent 1,217 bills for Gov. Jerry Brown to mull over. He ended up signing 1,016 into law that will go into effect on January 1, 2019. If my […]

Putting ‘Our Money’ to Work to Save PG&E

You certainly don’t need me telling you that the past three years of these prodigiously destructive wildfires are unprecedented chapters in California history. The last week has seen a series of one ominous event after another. An insurance risk-rating firm estimates that the Camp Fire in Butte County, where at least 81 people have died […]

Wildfires & The Insurance Problem

As I write this the death count in the Butte County Camp Fire stands at 64 but is climbing. Just 24 hours after the conflagration started, heavy smoke had already drifted to the North Coast and Bay Area. After its fourth day it was declared to be the most destructive in state history. In a […]

No Hurry On New Pot Rules

I’ve said this before but it needs to be said again, it’s never a good idea for elected officials to pick a fight with folks they shouldn’t really be picking fights with. But that’s exactly what happened this week at a public meeting held in Willits by the Board of Supervisors’ Cannabis Ad Hoc Committee. […]

Hand & Glove Must Fit

Appears I somewhat influenced the county into somewhat enforcing its cannabis ordinance. At the Sept 11 BOS meeting, Planning and Building Dept. staff delivered a report on enforcement. Highlights from the report noted that: • 50 percent of all complaints P&B received are for cannabis-related activities. • 223 cannabis complaints to-date from 177 locations. • […]

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