The Ranch Fire: Cause Of

The 2018 Ranch fire was the largest wildfire in California history, scorching over 410,000 acres throughout Colusa, Glenn, Lake and Mendocino counties. The Ranch fire was one of two fires, the other being the River fire, that made up the Mendocino Complex fire. Combined with the River fire, the Mendocino Complex fire burned over 459,000 […]

Introducing Hiram Johnson (Sep. 10, 2003)

Folks, please understand one thing: The politicians, special interests, the big money boys, and the namby-pamby-fake-liberal media all fervently believe you are stupid. These elites, all with deeply entrenched vested interests in government continuing as is, maintain their stranglehold on the levers of power by manipulating, twisting, and perverting the governing process, Their worst nightmare […]

Dead Trees & Pot

A woman who lives in Mendocino County now but was raised in Oregon, called me after reading last week’s column on the Measure V ordinance issue where Mendocino Redwood Company (MRC) is claiming it is exempt from its coverage. Measure V was a voter-approved 2016 local ballot measure that mandated that trees killed by herbicides […]

Measure V and Exemption

Measure V was a voter-approved 2016 local ballot measure that mandated that trees killed by herbicides left standing for 90 days were a public nuisance. The measure was aimed at entities such as Mendocino Redwood Company (MRC) that use the “hack and squirt” process of injecting hardwoods, mostly tanoaks, with herbicides like Imazapyr, to kill […]

Little Harvey Havoc

You could say the Silicon Valley “tech entrepreneur and winemaker,” aka, Entitled One-Percenter, got off easy with $3.76 million in penalties for criminally thumbing his nose at county and state regulations and laws.  To Kevin Harvey, the owner of a Branscomb area 4,500 acre ranch, the nearly $4 million in fines is mere pocket change.  […]

Rewarding Monstrous Behavior

Some of the hidden costs to PG&E’s “Public Safety Power Shut Off” program are being borne by water districts throughout the state.  The water district I manage, the Laytonville County Water District, is a good example of a problem that is not exactly an unintended consequence of PG&E’s power down policy. Here’s what I’m talking […]

More Than Just Thinking About Wildland Fires

It’s good to be back after a two-week hiatus. This is a busy time of year for the Laytonville County Water District as we have to close out the fiscal year, prepare and mail out our annual Consumer Confidence Report, and a number of other required filings. Anway, speaking of water, you can’t fight wildfires […]

Time for a Change

I highly recommend that you read the well-written, very easy-to-understand Grand Jury Report titled, “Who Runs Mendocino County?” It’s a point-on discussion regarding the governing dynamic between and among the Board of Supervisors and the Chief Executive Officer. It’s not a flattering account. You can find the report on the county’s website at: Over the […]

Water Board Clamps Down on Pot Growers

On March 29, the State Water Resources Control Board announced that cannabis cultivators with water rights are not allowed to divert surface water for cannabis cultivation activities at any time from April 1 through October 31 of this year unless the water diverted is from storage. The Board’s action is what is known as a […]

Daylight & Water

For all you Trump haters out there you can’t say he hasn’t done something for us Uber Californians. In fact, he’s done a couple of good things. He recently supported and then signed into law, our right to grow hemp. Of course, the ink was barely dry on the new law when our board of […]

PG&E’s Bad Behavior & Bankruptcy

Last week’s column on PG&E’s pending bankruptcy closes the book on a piece I wrote a year and half ago where I warned to be on the lookout for the twin “Bs”:  Bailout and Bankruptcy. Both became realities when Gov. Brown and the state legislature rammed through a ratepayer-backed bailout plan where the utility would […]

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