Reeling In Outlaw Pot Grows

Sheriff Tells Supes: “The Free Reign Of Marijuana Has To Be Reeled In.” For the past month, I’ve written a series of columns focusing on the out-of-control, seemingly unchecked proliferation of both outlaw mega-grows and unsightly hoop greenhouses throughout this county, especially here in the north county area. I’ve asked folks — both legit growers […]

Mendo Pot Ordinance Enforcement

Two weeks ago, we ran a story on Calaveras County’s current marijuana dilemma. Calaveras, which like Mendocino County is rural, and not heavily populated, has recently legalized ganja leading to an explosion of mega-grows mostly from an invasion of outsiders. As the story pointed out, “Calaveras is an economically depressed county of 45,000 residents, a […]

Mendocino County’s Reefer Madness

People kid me about how much I write and talk about pot in my newspaper, Mendocino County Observer, and on my radio show. The reason is simple. The legalization of ganja is the most significant legislation and public policy created in the past 40 years. It rivals the impact of the voter-enacted Prop 13, which […]

Playing By The Rules

The county is holding meetings this week in Laytonville, Ukiah, Fort Bragg, and Boonville to publicly unveil its newly-minted “Track and Trace” system that will, well, track and trace ganja from seed to whatever its end use might be. According to the statement released by the County Executive Office, “The County of Mendocino has selected […]

Pot Economics 101

Ever since the legalization of med-pot in the fall of 2015 and the voter-approved legalization of so-called recreational pot (“rec-pot”) last November, I’ve used this column and air time on my KPFN radio program talking about the perils of financial planning and economic forecasting if you own a private sector business or work in government […]

Times Are Changing

At our Laytonville Water District meeting last week, the Board voted unanimously to send a letter to the California Coastal Commission recommending that it approve a grant request from the Eel River Recovery Project (ERRP). In the letter, we set out some of our reasons for supporting ERRP’s grant application for its Ten Mile creek […]

Introducing Hiram Johnson

Folks, please understand one thing: The politicians, special interests, the big money boys, and the namby-pamby-fake-liberal media all fervently believe you are stupid. These elites, all with deeply entrenched vested interests in government continuing as is, maintain their stranglehold on the levers of power by manipulating, twisting, and perverting the governing process, Their worst nightmare […]

Museum Follies

Last week, we discussed the Supes aversion to priorities. I cited three examples (Board approval of thousands of dollars of retroactive pay raises for four county officials, $117 million worth of damaged, neglected roads, and their failure to utilize revenues to fund child care) demonstrating the Supes failure to grasp basic planning principles. Now we’ll […]

Money Talk

The Board of Supervisors were told Tuesday the county’s finances are in pretty good shape following a mid-year budget review.  The real question, though, is how long will that healthy condition last? According to Acting County Administrative Officer Jim Anderson, the county “will likely end the fiscal year in a balanced financial position.” Dennis Huey, […]

Public Policy Gone Haywire

Bad public policy is like the proverbial ghost; haunting elected officials — and the public they represent — long after its ill-conceived implementation.  The lure of easy money in the form of so-called “free” tax dollars and grant funds (gussied-up tax dollars) is too addictive a narcotic for public officials: They just can’t say no. […]

A Look Inside the Budget

Smooth sailing. Piece of cake. Easy money. Compared to the not too distant past, last week’s wrap-up of the 1999-2000 budget was a pain-free experience. Well, almost painless, as county unionized employees are still wondering what budget unit contains their pay raises, but I’ll get to that shortly.  Late Friday afternoon (Aug. 20), the Supes […]